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Sunday, April 1st, Windy Peak - This moderately strenuous hike includes steep trail, rolling trail, scrambling on sandstone, and views galore. First, we hike up the steep road and trail to the ridge. Then, the trail rolls along the ridge until we turn right and follow the trail up and down to the sandstone. There are several sections where use of hands is needed as we hike on the sandstone to the peak and overlook. We will use the ridge to return to the cars in lieu of the steep trail. It’s 5 miles with 1650 feet of elevation gain. Meet at the Red Rock Casino at 8:00 AM. South side participants can meet at the gas station at 8:15 AM and drive to the trailhead. Coordinator – Lettie Gutierrez

Monday, April 2nd, Oak Creek/Knoll/Arnight/Pine Creek Loop Exploratory - This moderately strenuous exploratory begins at 8:00 AM at our meet-up, Red Rock’s Scenic Loop Exit Lot. Our goal is Pine Creek Canyon where we’ll take in the meadow, Wilson’s homestead, and do a limited visit via mostly trail into Fern Canyon to enjoy the pools of quiet water and greenery. We’ll take our break there. Let’s hope that the tiny tree frogs will sing for us. The route uses the Traverse Trail to the Oak Creek TH, then along the sandstone escarpment on the Arnight Trail to the Knoll Trail. Total estimated distance is 8.5 miles with an elevation of 800 feet. There is a bit of moderate scrambling. Loop return via Arnight onto the Knoll Trail, then turn south onto the Oak Creek Canyon Trail to pick up the Traverse back to the cars. Coordinator- David Gray

Monday, April 2nd, Cottonwood Pass Loop - The trek will start from the gravel parking area south of Highway 160 also used for Badger Pass. It will follow a combination of dirt roads and trails toward Mount Potosi and loop past Cottonwood Pass on the Goodsprings Road before heading back to the vehicles on the Deadhorse Trail in Red Valley. We will meet the coordinator and leave from the gas station on Highways 159 and 160 at 8:00 AM, and drive to the gravel lot for a 8:15 AM start of hike. Moderate, 6 miles, 1000 ft. The temp can vary a lot this time of year so check the web site for a meeting time change. Coordinator - David Hardy.

Tuesday, April 3rd, Mount Stirling - This is a strenuous hike of 5 miles with 2000 ft of elevation gain to the northernmost peak in the Spring Mountain Range. The hike will be mostly cross country with plenty of bushwhacking involved. There will be several panels of petroglyphs near the summit. We will need high clearance 4WD vehicles to negotiate the unpaved mining roads to the trailhead. Meet 7:30 AM at Santa Fe Station. Coordinator – Jerry Thomas

Wednesday, April 4th, Oak Creek/Knoll/Arnight Loop - This moderate trek begins at Red Rock’s Scenic Loop Exit along SR 159. We’ll take the traverse trail back up to the Oak Creek TH, then move up the canyon a bit, well before reaching the entranceway, to turn onto the Knoll Trail. With the escarpment on our left, we’ll have a beautiful view of this area. We’ll return via the Arnight Trail. Total distance is 5-6 miles with 400 feet of elevation. Meet at the Red Rock Casino for an 8:00 AM departure. Or assemble at the Scenic Loop Exit by 8:20 AM. Coordinator- David Gray

Friday, April 6th, Climber’s Alcove – This hike goes into Potosi Canyon #3 for the strenuous climb up to Climber’s Alcove. Elevation gain will be around 1800 ft., 5-6 miles. The trail leaving the canyon bottom is very steep, may have some minor exposure. We will leave from the gas station on 159 & 160 at 7:30AM. Coordinator – David Hardy

Friday, April 6th, Turtlehead Peak – This strenuous hike to Turtlehead Peak is specifically designed to accommodate experienced hikers who want to do Turtlehead for the first time. The pace will be targeted to help everyone reach the peak. The hike begins at Sandstone Quarry on the Red Rock scenic loop drive. The trail starts in a northerly direction toward the La Madre Mountains, then turns east and climbs through or next to the main drainage coming down from the saddle. Once on the saddle, a trail on the backside of the mountain brings you up to the peak, which is the highest point on any of the official Red Rock trails. Total distance is 5 miles with 1900 feet of elevation gain. Depart from the Red Rock Casino parking lot at 8:00AM. Coordinator – Tony Fountain

Saturday, April 6th, AtBF Spring Picnic – Ron and Sandi will coordinate an easy or easy to moderate hike and Lettie will coordinate a moderate to moderately strenuous hike. Both hikes will use the Sandstone Canyon trail with the easy group stopping before the bouldering and the moderate to moderately strenuous group will continue up the wash to boulder and scramble. Meet at the Spring Mountain Ranch picnic area for a 9:30 AM departure for both hikes. Coordinators – Hindmarch and Gutierrez

Sunday, April 8th, Little Zion - This moderately strenuous 6-mile out-and-back hike to a spectacular area of sandstone formations is located on the back side of the escarpment. The route follows a drainage to an overlook above Spring Mountain Ranch and continues up a steep trail over a ridge to a valley on the shelf of the escarpment near Monument Peak. High clearance vehicles will be required to access the starting point at the end of a forest service road in the wilderness area. The main group will assemble at Red Rock Casino for a 7:30 AM departure and we will stop at the gas station at the junction of Highways 159 and 160 to pick up south side participants about 7:50 AM. Cars with high vehicle clearance are needed to get to the trailhead. Coordinator- Lettie Gutierrez

Monday, April 9th, The Crags - We start from Blue Diamond following the Landmine Trail which we will leave to climb slowly up to the top of the ridge into an area of crags. Then we follow the ridge at a moderate pace back to Blue Diamond. Total miles about 5 and 1000 ft. elevation gain. Moderate. We meet at the gravel parking area just past the bridge in Blue Diamond at 8:00 AM. If coming from Red Rock Casino, you will leave there at 7:30 AM. Coordinator - David Hardy.

Tuesday, April 10, Calico Triple - Ascend Ash Canyon and continue on to the arduous North Chute en route to Red Cap South. Come back east to Calico Peak via the acclaimed "Diane Dempsey Descent.” After lunch atop Calico, it’s another taxing down climb to the Garden of Eden. Finish it off with an ascent of our third crown of the day, Angel Peak. Right at five miles with ~2,000 feet of vertical. Lots of Class 3 with exposure. Color this one strenuous. Depart from the Red Spring boardwalk at 7:30 AM. Coordinator - Michael O’Connor

Tuesday, April 10th, Ash Canyon Lizard Hike - This easy hike will include looking for the big lizards in this good lizard habitat. 4 miles, not much elevation change. Meet coordinator at Red Spring at 8:00 AM. Coordinator – David Hardy

Wednesday, April 11th, Black Mesa – This moderate hike of 5 miles starts at the parking area at Mile 10.5 on Northshore Road. It climbs to the top of Black Mesa, offering great views of the Lake Mead area. There is no trail and there are lots of rocky, uneven footing on the sides and top of the mesa. After climbing a ridge line to the top, the group will take a break before descending on the other side. Early departure from Rampart Casino needs to be by 7:20 AM. The main group will depart from CVS Pharmacy at 8:00 AM but will not join the coordinators until the Mile Marker 4 pullout around 8:20 AM. Coordinators – Tony Fountain & Chuck Hawkins.

Thursday, April 12th, Hidden Forest - This is a long distance moderately strenuous 11-mile hike with 2200 feet of elevation gain into a deep-set canyon at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. The turnaround point is held at an old cabin that is maintained and has picnic tables, a spring and fire rings out front. It used to be the forest ranger’s cabin back in the day. The drive to the trailhead is best done with HCVs and takes 1 to 1.5 hours from the meeting location. An additional strenuous climb to Hayford Peak from the cabin may be arranged at a later date. Meet at the Santa Fe Casino for an 7:00am departure. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Friday, April 13th, First Creek Grotto via the Valley Trail Loop - This is a mostly moderate trek that goes south out into the north end of the now green Cottonwood Valley area between Oak Creek and First Creek Washes, offering great views, especially of the sandstone escarpment peaks. Total distance- 7 miles- Elevation- 550 FT- Caution- Class 2 scrambling required to visit the grotto. Meet-up- Exit parking lot of the Red Rock Loop Scenic Drive. Hike start time- 8:00 AM- Coordinator- David Gray

Saturday, April 14th, Juniper Canyon Slab Overlook - This is a mostly strenuous trek that will be taken at a mostly leisurely to moderate pace as we have three areas of scrambling and bouldering on rather steep terrain. For the most part, we’re on a trail, even the paths across the boulders/rock field can be seen. Total distance is 6 miles with over 1800 feet of elevation gain. Gloves recommended. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 8:00 AM and drive to Oak Creek TH in Red Rock Canyon. Coordinator- David Gray

Saturday, April 14th, Fossil Canyon/Echo Canyon Loop – Today’s moderate hike will be 6 miles with about 700 feet of elevation. We begin on the Cat in the Hat then connect to Fossil Canyon and make our way up to the road. We turn left on the road and hike up to our break spot. Then we loop down the First Finger and reconnect to Fossil Canyon. At the junction of Echo Canyon, we will go down it. There are several dry waterfalls and boulder sections where hands are needed to descend. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 8:00 AM or meet at the Cowboy Stable lot at 8:15 AM. Coordinator – Lettie Gutierrez

Tuesday, April 17th, Ice Box Canyon - Beginning at the Ice Box Canyon parking lot near mile marker 8 on the Scenic Loop, this easy-moderate 3 mile out-and-back hike will reach the turn-around point just below a 30-foot seasonal waterfall in Ice Box Canyon at an ideal spot for a snack break. The hike follows a trail above the creek for about one mile before dropping into the drainage. The remaining 3/4 mile to the turn-around point is in the drainage involving some scrambling around boulders 2 to 3 feet high, with the endpoint below a 30-foot waterfall in the back of the canyon. Total distance is 2.7 miles with a vertical gain of 300 feet. The group will depart from Red Rock Casino at 8:30 AM. Coordinator – Tony Fountain

Wednesday, April 18th, Potato Knoll Loop - This is a moderate trek as we’ll start our route at the first pull-off past the Scenic Exit Loop heading up the combo road/trail on the south side of the canyon wash. As we near Potato Knoll, we’ll go around on the right via established trail(s) just up from the wash creek bed, navigating them to reach our goal, the boulder wall/trail junction landmark in the wash, traditionally the spot where we take our break. From there, we’ll head back round on the south side of the Knoll on paths explored in March of 2016, to catch the trail/road back to the cars. Total distance is 5.6 miles with 600 feet of elevation. Meet-up with the coordinator there. Red Rock Casino departure at 8:00 AM or at the trailhead at 8:25 AM. Coordinator- David Gray

Thursday, April 19, Fern Creek Canyon (and beyond) - From the Pine Creek trailhead, it's due west, hugging the north side of Mescalito. After reaching the high point at Plateau Rock, we’ll continue on a bit farther till we confront, but not climb, the sheer Class 4 wall. This is the gateway to Mescalito Peak. Approximately five miles with 1000’ vertical. Tough Class 2, moderately strenuous. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 7:30 AM. Coordinator - Michael O'Connor

Friday, April 20th, Calico Hills - The moderate out-and-back hike covers a total distance of 6 miles with a net elevation gain of 700 feet as the route passes along the west side of the sandstone hills essentially forming one boundary of Red Rock Canyon. Join the group at Red Rock Casino for a 7:30 AM departure or meet the group at the fee booth parking lot around 7:45 AM. Coordinator- Barb Ulmer.

Saturday, April 21st, Badger Pass -The starting point for the easy to moderate version is found by driving west on Highway 160 about 6 miles from the intersection with Highway 159, then turning left and driving about 0.7 miles on a gravel road to a small parking area on the left. The loop hike climbs about 450 feet along a ridge in the Bird Spring Range, then descends to Badger Pass and the Dead Horse Trail before returning to the starting point. Meet at Red Rock Casino at 8:00 AM and car pool to the gas station at 160 to meet the leaders. The version will be around 4 miles. Coordinators – Ron and Sandi Hindmarch

Saturday, April 21st, Landmine Trail over to Black Velvet Canyon Exploratory/OB- This appears to be a new trek that starts at the town of Blue Diamond, at the north TH where this small community begins just past the wash bridge. We’ll park at the vacant lot/pull-off on the right by the slate blue home. We’ll head west following the bike route as it eventually loops around the backside of the ridge that sits in behind and above this town. At the point we reach the large junction of trails, we’ll turn due west to pick-up the Black Velvet Canyon Road to our objective. There at the entrance of the canyon we’ll do some scrambling back in as well as take our break there. Estimated distance- 6-8 miles- Elevation- 1,200 FT- Class II-III over large boulders. Gloves needed- Rated- Strenuous given the required distance, scrambling. Be at the TH in time for an 8:00AM departure. Coordinator- David Gray

Sunday, April 22nd, Dragon Canyon/Kraft Loop - This moderately strenuous loop hike starts from the upper Calico Basin Parking Lot off Sandstone Drive. It’s rated moderately strenuous as our first objective will be to slay the Dragon. From there, we’ll proceed to Ash Canyon Overlook, then down into the Gateway Wash to circle Kraft MT. We will have several stops to accommodate a moderate pace. Total distance- 6-7 miles- Elevation- 900 FT- Meet at Red Rock Casino for an 8:00 AM departure. Coordinator- David Gray

Monday, April 23rd, Sandstone Quarry/Keystone Thrust Balloon – A moderately strenuous traditional trek up to a unique geological via the Grand Circle trail starting at Sandstone Quarry that is hidden by Cactus Hill. It is 7 miles with 1500 feet of elevation and some Class 2 scrambling. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 8:00 AM. Coordinator – David Gray

Tuesday, April 24, Kraft Mountain W-E traverse (4714’) - Head for Five-stop Hill before ascending the west flank of Kraft. Make the west-east undulating traverse across the top of the mountain and down climb the precipitous east face. Bring it back to the boardwalk along the rolling Calico hills. In the five-mile range with some 1500 vertical feet of climb. Class 2/3, strenuous. Depart from the Red Spring boardwalk at 7:30 AM. Coordinator - Michael O’Connor

Wednesday, April 25th, Red Spring and Beyond Lizard Hike - This 5-mile hike goes through good lizard habitat and the warmer weather should give us a chance to see some big lizards. Scrambling makes this a moderate hike. Elevation gain 600 ft. Meet me at Red Spring at 8:00 AM. Coordinator – David Hardy

Wednesday, April 25th, Calico Hills Two Peak – This moderate two peak hikes starts at Sandstone Quarry, passes the little arch to the 1st peak; then back up a wash toward the Turtlehead Peak trail and up a 2nd peak. Lots of scrambling; some class 3. It is 3 miles and approximately 800 ft elevation. Depart from the Red Rock Casino parking lot at 8:00AM. Coordinator – Tony Fountain

Thursday, April 26th, North Peak (Sandstone) - This is a strenuous partial loop hike to the highest sandstone peak on the northern end of the escarpment. We will ascend in the beautiful Red Rock Wash and on the ridge trail then we will descend on the ridge trail and down Rocky Gap Road. It is 8 miles with 2500 feet of elevation gain. Meet at Red Rock Casino for a 7:30am departure. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Friday, April 27th, Oak/Potato/Knoll/Arnight Trails (Desert Triangle) - Three trails come together to provide an easy to moderate trek totaling some 5 miles starting from the Oak Creek Trailhead to the base of Potato Knoll, then back across the escarpment via the Knoll Trail, returning to the cars by the Arnight Trail. Expect some rocky conditions, the desert in bloom as well as great views of the Wilson Cliffs. Break area will be over by Potato Knoll. Elevation gain of some 500 feet- Meet at Red Rock Casino to depart by 8:00 AM. Coordinator- David Gray

Saturday, April 28th, Blue Diamond Meadows - Easy hike in the meadows behind Blue Diamond. We will hike through the meadows (where we may see some wildflowers) and one-half mile up the mountain for no more than 300 feet and a total of 4 miles. Meet at Red Rock at 8:00 AM and organize yourselves to meet the coordinator at the parking lot by the entrance to Blue Diamond at 8:30 AM. Coordinator – Kathy Kazi

Saturday, April 28th, Hollow Rock Peak Loop - This moderately strenuous to strenuous hike up to a southern escarpment peak will be 5 miles with 1500 feet of elevation gain. Scrambling involved. It will include the hike up Heartbreak Hill and the descent will be down the abandoned road and up the utility road back to the trailhead. Meet at the Red Rock Casino for an 8:00am departure. Or, meet at the gas station (Hwys 159 / 160) and leave there at 8:15am. The hike should start at the Mountain Springs Pass Trailhead around 8:30am. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Sunday, April 29th, Las Vegas Overlook – This is a moderately strenuous hike that will be done at a moderate pace. We will hike up Echo Canyon (use of hands is necessary to scramble up several dry waterfalls) and connect to Fossil Canyon Trail. Then it’s up the old road and along several trails as we make our way up to the Overlook. After our break, we hike along the ridge trail and cut over to Skull Canyon and take it down and back to the cars. Depart Red Rock at 8:00 AM or meet at the Cowboy Stables at 8:15 AM. Coordinator – Lettie Gutierrez

Monday, April 30th, Angel Pass / Red Springs Loop - This 4 mile moderately strenuous hike has a lot of scrambling in it with around 900 feet of elevation gain. We begin at the Red Springs Picnic Area and hike up to Angel Pass. After descending past the Angel Carving, we will continue around to return to Red Springs using all the scrambling opportunities in the wash. Meet at Red Springs for an 8:00am start of the hike. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

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