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Thursday, February 1st, Blue Diamond Canyon #3 Loop - This moderately strenuous hike will begin from Blue Diamond into a canyon in the Blue Diamond Hill and top out on the plateau above.  We will find our way down a ridge between Canyon #1 and #2 back into Blue Diamond. It has 1000 feet of elevation gain and is 5 miles. There will be lots of scrambling through the canyon.  The main assembly point will be the gravel parking lot on the right side of the entrance road to the community of Blue Diamond just past the bridge where you will meet the coordinator at 8:30 A.M. Coordinator - David Hardy  

Thursday, February 1st, Calico Hills - This will be a moderately paced hike from the fee booth parking lot in Red Rock Canyon. We will take the Grand Circle Trail up to Sandstone Quarry then return via the upper trail known as the old Grand Circle Trail. There are 6 miles with 1200 feet of elevation gain. Minimal scrambling while climbing up to the upper trail. Meet at Red Rock Casino for an 8:00am departure. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Friday, February 2nd, Keystone Thrust Loop via the Sandstone Quarry/OB- This moderately strenuous loop hike covers 7 miles with about 1,500 feet of elevation gain. The hike starts at the quarry heading up on the Grand Circle Trail to the northeast end of the White Rock Trailhead, loops up to the Keystone Thrust Overlook, and then turns down a rocky dry wash to connect again to the Grand Circle, taking us back to the cars.  We’ll depart from the Red Rock Casino by 8:00AM.  Coordinator – David Gray

Saturday, February 3, Virlis-Fisher Arch (3599’) & Bridge Spring Arch (3359’) - It’s been four years since the club has set foot on these iconic arches near Nelson, NV. It’s time to go back. Chuck Hawkins has agreed to chaperone our gang to these seldom visited spans. In the five-mile range with the only discernible vertical being the steep, Class 2 climb to the Virlis bridge. Label it moderately strenuous. If you drive directly to the trailhead, it’s 54 miles from the Red Rock Casino. Take the Railroad Pass cutoff toward Searchlight on US #95 for 10 miles. Hang a left at the Nelson turnoff (Hwy 165) and continue uphill for 9.5 miles to the high point of the road. Pull over. You have arrived. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 7:15, the Henderson Fiesta at 8:00 and 8:40 or so from the trailhead. Coordinators - O’Connor/Hawkins  

Saturday, February 3rd, Ash Canyon Meadows – Today’s easy hike of 4 miles will begin near Red Springs and will travel through red rock formations to the base of Ash Canyon. Meet at Red Rock for an 8:30AM departure or at Red Springs picnic area parking at 8:45AM. Coordinators – Ron and Sandi Hindmarch

Sunday, February 4th, Railroad Mountain Pass Loop – Today’s 6/7-mile hike with 800 feet of elevation is rated moderate to moderately strenuous because the trail has sections that traverse lava boulders and footing is uneven. Due to road construction, we will not begin at the Railroad Pass Casino but at the dirt parking area at the intersection of Old Vegas Trail and Paradise Hills in Henderson. From the Fiesta, exit on Nevada State Drive, turn left and then turn right on Old Las Vegas Trail and take it to the end where we will park. From this point, we will walk the paved River Mountain trail to the Railroad Pass Casino and begin the hike at the traditional trailhead. Our hike takes us in and out, up and over the Railroad Pass Mountains. Our break is at the high point and then we take the trail down. We will probably go off trail to get back to the paved trail and the cars. Elevation is about 900 feet. Depart the Red Rock at 7:20AM and then the Henderson Fiesta at 8:00AM. Coordinator – Lettie Gutierrez  

Monday, February 5th, Liberty Bell Arch/Colorado Overlook - This is 5 miles with 1400 feet elevation gain and is a moderate to moderately strenuous hike that will be done at a moderate pace beginning at the parking lot for Arizona Hot Springs.  We will go on beyond the arch to the top of the ridge for our break. We will leave the Fiesta in Henderson at 7:30AM. Coordinator – David Hardy

Tuesday, February 6th, Gunsight Notch Peak – This very strenuous 7-mile out and back hike with lots of scrambling and Class 3 terrain, will rival any tough Tuesday hikes for intensity. Starting from the Pine Creek parking area, the group will hike across the desert, enter the south fork of Pine Creek, and continue up the same route that leads to Terrace Canyon. At the final canyon junction, the route turns left into Gunsight Notch Canyon and climbs to the peak for a breathtaking view. Elevation gain is in the order of 2400 feet. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 7:30AM. Coordinator – Tim Borem

Tuesday, February 6th, West Leg / East Leg - This is an easy moderate hike of 4 miles located within the Bootleg Canyon bicycle park. The trailhead is located at the end of Canyon Road in Boulder City where the base of the zip line is located. The loop will be done in the clockwise direction up one side of Bootleg Canyon and down the other. Possible bighorn sightings. There is 600 feet of elevation gain. Meet at the Henderson Fiesta for an 8:30am departure. West side participants can leave Red Rock Casino @ 8:00am. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Wednesday, February 7th, Oak Creek/Knoll/Arnight Loop- This is an easier, moderate trek for today beginning at Red Rock’s Scenic Loop Exit along SR 159.  We’ll take the traverse trail back up to the Oak Creek TH, then move on up the canyon trail a bit, well before reaching the entranceway, to turn onto the Knoll Trail.  With the Escarpment on our left, we’ll have a beautiful view of this area.  To get back to the cars, we’ll make a right turn when we reach the Arnight Trail.  Total distance will be 5 or 6 miles. Although the terrain rolls somewhat, there is only 400 feet of elevation gain.  You can assemble at the Red Rock Casino for an 8:00AM departure or meet us at the Scenic Loop Exit by 8:20 AM.  Coordinator- David Gray

Thursday, February 8th, Ejection Seat Ridge – This is a moderately strenuous 5 mile loop that contains scrambling, game trails and washes. Highlights include a leftover ejection seat, remnants of an airplane crash and redstone formations. Elevation gain is 1000 feet. Meet at the CVS/Albertsons @ Lake Mead & Hollywood for an 8:00am departure. West side participants may leave the Rampart at 7:20am and there will be a mile marker 4 drive by at 8:15am. Coordinator – Kay Blackwell

Friday, February 9th, La Madre Miner’s Cabin - A moderately strenuous out-and-back hike to a stone shelter in a side canyon north of the White Rock Hills that was believed to be constructed by miners who dug shafts in the side of the La Madre ridge above the cabin. Hiking poles recommended as the route turns steep and even loose as it approaches the cabin. Total distance is 5 miles with 1,400 feet of elevation gain. Meet the group at Red Rock Casino for an 8:00 AM departure. Coordinator- Barbara Ulmer

Saturday, February 10th, Rubber Ducky Yucca - This will be an easy to moderate loop hike from the Late Night Trailhead. It will be around 5 miles with only 600 feet of elevation gain. We will pass by the Rubber Ducky Yucca near the end of the loop to see if there are any ducks hanging there. Bring your own duck if you wish to add! Meeting locations will be Red Rock Casino at 8:30am; gas station 159 & 160 @ 8:50am; and the Late Night Trailhead on Highway 160 @ 9:00am. Coordinators – Ron and Sandi Hindmarch

Saturday, February 10th, Jean's Peak Loop - This moderately strenuous peak and partial loop hike is 6.5 miles in length. We will gain around 1600 feet in elevation. Named for a beloved Las Vegas area hiker, there is a very large cairn on the way to the peak that can be seen from Northshore Road. Views are tremendous! Next, we retrace our steps down to the approach wash and turn in the other direction to drop down to a mid-point of Jean's Canyon. A turn to the right will take us around to Pinto Valley where we will return to the trailhead via a short romp in the Redstone washes. Depart the CVS/Albertson's meeting location for North Lake Mead hikes at 8:00am. West side participants may leave the Rampart at 7:20am. We will also swing by mile marker 4 at 8:15am. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Sunday, February 11th, Bowl of Fire Loop - This strenuous 10-mile hike will require a short car shuttle as climbing a ridge and descending a steep slope that leads into a series of washes where the group will come across camel tracks in the sandstone.  At the north end of the Bowl of Fire they will encounter some fun scrambling in a colorful canyon that may feature some pools if there is any recent rain. A lunch break will occur somewhat more than halfway along the route. Meet the coordinator and any other south side participants at Mile 4 on the Northshore Road where we will leave at 7:30AM.  Leave the CVS-Albertson's parking lot at Lake Mead Boulevard at 7:10AM.  Coordinator – David Hardy

Monday, February 12th, Blue Diamond Hill - We will begin at the horse corral at 8:00AM and follow a network of trails. First will be the Fossil Canyon Trail followed by the Dog Food Loop then back down to the cars by way of the Cat in the Hat Trail and finally the Bunny Trail. Easy moderate hike of about 6 miles and 800 feet of elevation. This is a leisurely to no more than a moderate pace. Meet the Coordinator at 8:00AM at the horse corrals. Coordinator - David Hardy

Monday, February 12th, Stonehengerson to River Mountain Trailhead, Boulder City - This will be a point to point moderate to moderately strenuous 7-8 mile 1000 feet of elevation gain hike. It will be at a moderate pace. We will meet at St Jude’s parking in Boulder City at 8:00 A.M. According to how many hikers there are, we will shuttle cars leaving one or two cars there and proceed to the start of the hike at Wagon Wheel and Foothill in Henderson. It is almost all trail and the elevation gain occurs going up the saddle between Black & Red Mountains. Those leaving Red Rock Casino should probably leave by 7:15am and proceed to the trailhead just before St Jude’s. There will be no meeting at the Fiesta Henderson. The coordinator will be at the St Jude parking lot. Coordinator – Linda O’Leary

Tuesday, February 13, Summerlin Peak (5082’) - It’s an annual wintertime rite of passage. We’ll keep it simple and do the standard route, out-and-back, up-and-down. Brace for a challenging ascent followed by a taxing down climb featuring jagged limestone throughout. Five miles with 2000’ vertical. Mostly Class 2, but color it strenuous because of the steep, demanding terrain. Depart from Buckskin Cliff Shadows Park on Cliff Shadows Parkway near Cheyenne and the 215, 8:00 AM. Look for the white fence. Coordinator - Michael O’Connor

Tuesday, February 13th, Cheyenne Mountain Loop - This loop encircles Cheyenne Mountain on the northwest side of town. It will be 4.5 miles with around 600 feet of elevation gain. Be prepared for uneven footing with good hiking boots but it is all trail and is used by trail runners daily. We will hike at an easy moderate pace starting from the Buckskin Cliff Shadows Horse Park Trailhead. To get to the trailhead, exit 215 on W. Cheyenne and go west. The second left enters the Buckskin Cliff Shadows horse park. Drive around to the restrooms and park. We will leave from there at 8:00am while saying hello to our adventurous counterparts who are climbing Summerlin Peak that morning. Coordinator – Kay Blackwell

Wednesday, February 13th, Dale's Trail - No doubt this is one of the most scenic routes through Red Rock that connects Pine Creek and Ice Box Canyon trails. The southern end of Dale's takes us through a series of ridges and drainages, passing Skull Rock just north of the Pine Creek Trail. The moderate out-and-back hike will originate at the Ice Box Trailhead parking area and cover a distance between 5 and 6 miles. After the Pine Creek Trail is reached, the group will turn toward the canyon and take a snack break near the old Wilson homestead foundation before returning to the vehicles. Depart Red Rock Casino at 8:00AM. Coordinator- David Gray

Thursday, February 15, Lone Palm - Scrubbed due to high winds back in December, it’s back on the slate. We’ll once again call upon Chuck Hawkins to guide us down the canyon. And get us back home. From the Kingman Wash turnout just below the dam, it’s a downhill shot to this riparian overlook, featuring an alfresco lunch on the banks of the mighty Colorado. Figure on six miles with 1500 feet of vertical on the climb out. Mostly trail, but a solid moderately strenuous rating. Departure times: Red Rock Casino at 7:15, the Henderson Fiesta at 8:00, AZ MM#2 at 8:30. Coordinators - O’Connor/Hawkins

Friday, February 16th, Ash Canyon Overlook - This is a three-mile easy moderate trek from Sandstone Quarry to the sandstone outcropping high above Ash Canyon that offers a great view of Calico Basin and Las Vegas in the distance. There is some class 2 scrambling that requires use of hands on sandstone. Elevation gain is 700 feet. Depart Red Rock Casino by 8:00 AM. Coordinator – David Gray 

Friday, February 16th, Blue Diamond Canyon #1 – It is 5 miles with 1000 ft. elevation gain, and rated moderately strenuous. This hike will begin in the first canyon on the south end of Blue Diamond Hill where there will be considerable scrambling.  After about 1.5 miles the route will follow a ridgeline up toward the mine   then follow another ridge with views above the gypsum plant and Las Vegas until we arrive high above Hwy 159.  Then we will follow a slope with some scrambling near the bottom to return where we started.   Meet the coordinator at the gravel parking area on the right side of the entrance road into Blue Diamond at 8:30AM. Coordinator - David Hardy

Saturday, February 17th, Anniversary Narrows Peak / South Bowl of Fire - Unlike in the past, we will not be entering Anniversary Narrows on this hike. It will be a strenuous partial loop of 6 miles with 1800 feet of elevation gain. Parking on Callville Road near mile marker 16 of Northshore Road, we will climb the peak as we have before. However, we will return down from the peak and drop into the South Bowl of Fire. A small amount of winding around in the bowl of redstone will return us to the approach wash so we can return to the cars. Depart the CVS/Albertson's meeting location for North Lake Mead hikes at 8:00am. West side participants may leave the Rampart at 7:20am. We will also swing by mile marker 4 at 8:15am. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Saturday, February 17th, La Madre Springs The easy La Madre Spring Trail follows an old road into the La Madre Wilderness Area as it runs up a canyon with red and white sandstone cliffs on one side and gray limestone mountains on the other. The trail does not actually go to La Madre Spring; rather it ends at what is left of a concrete dam built in the 1960s to store water for cattle and perhaps domestic use. The dam now provides water for wildlife and makes a pleasant contrast with the desert environment. For the Red Rocks area, the shrubby vegetation in the canyon is fairly dense, and the mix of single-leaf pinyon pinesUtah juniper, and shrub live oaks make parts of the trail feel like a forest. We will meet at Red Rock at 8:30AM. Coordinator – Kathy Kazi

Sunday, February 18th, Muffins/Skull Loop – Beginning at the Cowboy Trails, we hike up to the Muffins then along the ridge then hike down Skull Canyon. Rate it moderately strenuous because it is 5-6 miles with over 1000 feet of elevation. Pacing will be moderate. Depart Red Rock at 8:00AM or meet at the Cowboy Trails parking lot at 8:15AM. Coordinator – Lettie Gutierrez

Monday, February 19th, Fortress Butte/Hot Springs Exploratory - This will probably be a 7 mile moderately strenuous trek starting at the White Rock Canyon TH. From the trailhead, we drop down and turn left onto the Saddle Trail. As we top the ridge, you’ll see why the name Fortress applies to a butte in the distance. We are not climbing the butte. After descending a rocky slippery trail, we’ll turn left in Hot Springs Canyon to hike up and view the petroglyphs. Heading back to where we dropped into the canyon, we’ll go the other way down to the springs’ entrance. We’re not going to take a dip. Expect to climb up/down over several small dry falls. Meet at the Fiesta at 8:00AM.  Coordinator- David Gray

Monday, February 19th, Tertiary Ridge - This is a 6.5 mile moderate loop with 1000 feet of elevation that begins in the community of Blue Diamond.  The group will make their way up the Tertiary ridge behind the community following a trail along the top that leads toward Bonnie Springs.  After dropping back to the valley floor near the northwestern end of the ridge the route loops to the north and returns to Blue Diamond.  Red Rock Casino will be used for the early meeting point, with a departure at 7:30 AM, and those participants should proceed to Blue Diamond.  After crossing the bridge on the main entrance to the community there will be a dirt parking lot on the right side just before the first houses. The coordinator will be at that location. South side participants can drive directly to Blue Diamond if they wish. The hike will begin at 8:00 AM. Coordinator - David Hardy

Tuesday, February 20th, Bridge Mountain - This hike is considered by many hikers to be the most beautiful and thrilling hike in Red Rock.  We will make it a bit longer by parking our vehicles near the North Peak TH to save the vehicles from the worst of Rocky Gap road. The very strenuous hike will thus be about 10 miles with 3700 feet of elevation gain.  We will hike two miles up Rocky Gap to the Bridge Mountain trailhead and then hike up and down a trail on the limestone west of the escarpment.  We will take a break at the 2000 foot drop at the Fern Canyon Overlook and then continue scrambling up sandstone before we tackle some class 3 scrambling up the crack and around the arch.  There is an extremely steep slab that must be negotiated before we hit the summit.  Meet at Red Rock Casino for 7:30 am departure.  We will need high clearance 4WD vehicles. Coordinator – Jerry Thomas

Tuesday, February 20th, Rocky Gap Road to Waterfall Canyon – This easy moderate hike will use Rocky Gap Road for an out and back to the entrance of Waterfall Canyon. Since Waterfall Canyon requires scrambling, we will not go very far into the beautiful canyon where water is always flowing. Our hike will be 3.5 to 4 miles with around 600 feet of elevation gain. Meet at the Red Rock Casino for an 8:30am departure. Coordinator – Kay Blackwell

 Wednesday, February 21st, Sloan Canyon – Our moderate hike of 6-7 miles and about 600 feet of elevation begins at the Sloan Canyon Visitor Center and trail head located at the end of Nawghaw Poa Road. This road is off of Discovery Drive which is near the intersection of Via Firenze Avenue and Discovery Drive. Following the 100 and then connecting to the 200 trail will take us up to Petroglyph Canyon where we will enjoy the many petroglyphs. After our break, it’s back to the cars. Meet at the Visitor Center at 8:00AM. Red Rock participants should depart at 7:20AM. Coordinator – Linda O’Leary

Thursday, February 22nd, North Peak (Sandstone) - This strenuous partial loop hike of 8 miles climbs to the second highest point of sandstone in the Red Rock Canyon NCA. Our elevation climb of 2500 feet reaches just over 7000 feet at the top. We will climb up through the Red Rock wash (scrambling) from Willow Springs TH until we cross paths with the steep ridge trail. After our break on the peak, we will descend the trail and Rocky Gap Road to return to the cars. Meet at Red Rock Casino for a 7:30am departure. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

February 23 – 25th, Death Valley backpack - This moderate backpack will be in one of three places. Indian Pass begins near Furnace Creek and is 6 miles, 4 miles to canyon entrance and 2 more to water. No trail. Around 1500 ft. elevation gain. Another possible one is Hanupah Canyon which is 4 miles to water and 2200 ft. elevation gain and is at a higher elevation. Rough road of 5 miles. The third one is Titanothere Canyon, higher elevation, is 4 ½ miles to water and a drop of 1700 ft. but is a gain on the way out. Weather and road conditions will determine which is best.  The advantage of the third one is if it is on the warm side when we start it is downhill.  We have the option of an early start for the hike back up back to the cars. If we get at least 4 people, the trip is a go. Please RSVP to Coordinator - David Hardy.   

Friday, February 23, Cheyenne Mountain, aka Eagle Peak (3833’) - Dwarfed by the more formidable Summerlin Peak to the west, Cheyenne Mountain nonetheless commands a modicum of respect. With the meat of the hike at the outset, we’ll tackle the steep, 900’ limestone slab to the summit, before continuing our northward traverse along the ridge line. On the short side of four miles with a thousand feet of vertical. Color it Class 2, moderately strenuous. Serrated limestone terrain throughout, making hiking poles an asset and leather gloves a necessity. Depart from Gilmore Cliff Shadows Park at the western terminus of Alexander Road, 8:00 AM. Coordinator - Michael O’Connor

Saturday, February 24th, Rainbow Canyon - This will be a moderate partial loop hike into a very colorful canyon near Anniversary Mine. It begins at mile marker 16 of Northshore Road. We will forego the big loop and simply do an out and back with a small loop at its apex. It is a hike of around 6 miles with around 600 feet of gain. Meet at the CVS / Albertson's meeting location (Hollywood & Lake Mead) for an 8:00am departure. Or, meet at the Rampart Casino location for a 7:20am departure. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Saturday, February 24th, Oak Creek Trails Loop – This hike is about 4 miles with about 400 feet of elevation and is rated easy moderate. We begin the hike on the Potato Knoll trail then connect with the Oak Creek Cutoff trail. This trail has uneven rocks and eventually connects with Oak Creek Trail. We will take our break where Oak Creek connects with the Knoll Trail. We will then use Oak Creek Trail to connect to the normal trail back to the cars. Depart the Red Rock Casino at 8:30AM or meet at the dirt parking lot at the end of the scenic loop at 8:45AM. Coordinator – Lettie Gutierrez

Sunday, February 25th, Grand Gold Butte Petroglyph Hike - This is a moderately strenuous hike due to the 7.5 miles it involves. There is only 1000 feet of elevation gain spread over all 8 miles. We will require high clearance vehicles to get from Gold Butte Road to the Falling Man Trailhead; a two mile dirt road with small wash crossings. We will arrange rides a few days before the hike with RSVPs. This is an all day adventure! Meet at the Aliante Casino meeting location for a 7:00am departure. The west side group can meet at Red Rock Casino at 6:30am to carpool to Aliante. South side participants can meet at the Fiesta Henderson Casino to carpool to either Aliante or the Gold Butte Road turnoff. We should be at this turnoff around 8:00am. Directions will be given at the time of the RSVPs. Coordinator - Kay Blackwell

Monday, February 26th, Moenkopi/Angel Canyon Loop - This moderate loop hike will start from the fee booth parking lot in Red Rock Canyon, pass the Visitor Center, and continue on to the Moenkopi Trail in a clockwise direction. After leaving the overlook bench on top of Moenkopi Ridge, the route will head across to Calico I Overlook, take the lower trail past Calico II, and do some minor scrambling up to the carving in Angel Canyon. The final return will be along the Calico Hills Trail, which should make the total distance close to 5 miles. Departure from Red Rock Casino will be at 8:00 AM. Coordinator - David Gray 

Tuesday, February 27, Angel/Calico Peaks (4870’) - Let’s grab a pair from Calico Basin. Proceed due west and ascend Angel Peak. Following a down climb through the Garden of Eden, we’ll tackle the arduous Calico summit and grab some lunch on top. Complete the five-mile clockwise loop by bringing it home via Ash Canyon. Class 3, strenuous with 1700 feet of vertical. Gather at the Red Spring boardwalk for an 8:00 AM departure. Coordinator - Michael O’Connor

Wednesday, February 28th, Late Night Parking - We will do a 6-mile trail loop beginning here, following the trail under the highway bridge and beyond to the top of a ridge near Badger Pass, a gradual climb.   Elevation gain is around 1000 ft.  Moderate hike at a moderate pace.   We will leave from the gas station on 159 and 160 at 8:00AM where you will meet the coordinator. Coordinator - David Hardy

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