Hiking Gospel According to Brian - September 2021

 I have now completed the five hiking presentations that I have been working on for a while and posted them on YouTube.  They are public and available for anyone with the links (below) or you can access them via my drbriandoddphd YouTube channel.  They are not perfect and at some point I’ll fix the various issues, but hopefully they will be of some value to the Las Vegas hiking community…or beyond  The last one on leading club hikes combines the wisdom of many leaders from Lone Mountain, Around the Bend Friends and SC Anthem hiking clubs and I’d like to thank all those who contributed.  You will find your names on the first slide.  All the clubs are looking for new hike leaders, so if this has some interest for you look at that presentation, check out what’s involved, ask an experienced lead to help you, then volunteer!

 Each presentation is in the 20-25 minute region and I have grouped them on my channel as a playlist with the title of “Hiking Gospel According to Brian”.  While they are best viewed in sequence, but they are pretty much stand-alone…with only a few refences to other presentations.  Feel free to share with anyone you think may find them useful.

Hiking Gospel According to Brian


Book 1: Introduction to Hiking:



Book 2: Exercise, Hiking and Metabolism:



Book 3: Theory and Practice of Hiking Poles:



Book 4: Becoming a Better Hiker



Book 5: Leading Club Hikes





Brian Dodd

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