Class 1- Terrain that does not require use of hands or other equipment but can be negotiated using only foot power.

Class 2- Terrain that is uneven or irregular that may require use of hands for stabilization.

Class 3- Generally steep terrain that definitely requires use of hands over stretches to accomplish the task.

Class 4 – In addition to use of hands, come levels of equipment may be necessary to accomplish the hike. This can include webbing or short sections of rope for minor climbs or belay systems for more difficult climbs.

Difficulty Levels

Easy- Hikes of 3 miles or less with not more than 300 feet of gain, generally with only gradual elevation gains on even surface trails.

Easy to Moderate- Hikes ranging up to 5 miles and 500 feet of elevation gain with the potential for some minor trail irregularities.

Moderate- Hikes that generally have a maximum distance of 8 miles with 800 feet of elevation gain. Somewhat longer mileage with less elevation gain or shorter mileage with more elevation gain may also fit in this category.

Moderately Strenuous- Distances of up to 12 miles and/or 1,600 feet of elevation gain involving less than 25% of off-trail hiking such as boulder scrambling or bushwhacking.

Strenuous- Longer distances with elevation gain capped around 3,000 feet or shorter distances that encompass significant off-trail sections not requiring additional safety equipment.

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