Meeting and Trailhead Locations

Carpooling locations:

Below is information regarding our meeting locations where club members will assemble to arrange carpools to the different trailheads in the Las Vegas area.  There are different assembly points for Lake Mead hikes depending on whether those hikes are on the north or south sides of the lake.  Meeting locations for hikes in any other areas will be specified in the appropriate hike description.

Red Rock Canyon Area.  Our assembly point for hikes in Red Rock Canyon and the immediate vicinity is at the Red Rock Casino on Charleston Boulevard just east of 215.  To access the meeting location turn into the casino property at the signalized intersection directly across from Canyon Pointe, turn right directly in front of the casino, and immediately turn right into the outdoor lot.  If traveling east on Charleston from 215 you can turn right at the first entrance and then make an immediate left into the lot.  The group will be parking at the north end of the lot near Charleston Boulevard.  For hikes located in Cottonwood Valley and west there will be a secondary meeting location available for individuals coming from the south side of Las Vegas.  That will be at the gas station located at the intersection of Highways 159 and 160 (Blue Diamond Road).  This will be a quick stop that will occur about twenty or twenty-five minutes after the regular departure from Red Rock Casino.

Mount Charleston Area.  For hikes north of Las Vegas in either the Mount Charleston area or in the Sheep Mountains the assembly point will be at the Santa Fe Station Casino.  This property has two parking garages, one on the north end of the casino close to Highway 95 and the Rancho exit and one on the southeast side closer to the intersection of Rancho and Lone Mountain Road.  We always use the third level of the southeast parking garage as our meeting location.  This garage can be accessed from Lone Mountain Road traveling in either direction at the entrance near the theater addition.  It can also be accessed from Rancho.  If traveling northbound on Rancho turn in at the casino entrance signalized intersection and turn left to access the garage.  If traveling southbound on Rancho pass the signal and turn at the entrance that directly accesses the garage.  This second option is used if you are getting to Santa Fe using northbound Highway 95 and taking the Rancho exit.  Drive up to the third level and turn left - we will be meeting right there.

Lake Mead South.  For all hikes on the south side of the lake the general meeting spot will be near the large outdoor sign in front of the Henderson Fiesta Casino.  Henderson Fiesta is located on Lake Mead Parkway just east of the junction of I-215 and I-515.  Lake Mead Parkway is the eastbound extension of I-215.  There will also be an earlier assembly point for west side participants at the Red Rock Casino, with directions above, and there could be local stopping points after the group leaves Henderson Fiesta.  Those stopping points will be detailed in the appropriate hike descriptions.

Lake Mead North.  For hikes on the north side of the lake the early west side collection point will be on the top level of the parking garage at Rampart Casino (not Red Rock Casino.Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin (a J. W. Marriot property) is located on Rampart Boulevard just south of Summerlin Parkway.  The garage is located on the northeast side of the casino and is four stories in height.  The best route from Rampart to the general meeting location is Summerlin Parkway to Highway 95 to I-15 north to eastbound Lake Mead Boulevard.  The general assembly point will be in the parking lot behind the CVS Pharmacy located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Lake Mead Boulevard and Hollywood.  There will also be a secondary pickup point at the pullout area close to Mile Marker 4 on the eastbound side of Northshore Road for south side participants not using the CVS Pharmacy location.

Valley of Fire and Gold Butte - For hikes to these two areas northeast of Las Vegas, there are two possible assembly points. One will be in the parking lot of Lucky Cub Casino. The Lucky Club Casino is located on the northeast corner of the junction of I-15 and Cheyenne Road along Cheyenne. If traveling northbound on I- 15 and using the Cheyenne exit, it is necessary to cross several lanes of traffic quickly and access the left turn lane to get in to the property off the first side street. The second one is the Aliante Casino off of the 215 Beltway in North Las Vegas. Exit I-215 at Aliante Parkway on the north side of town. Turn to the north and the first traffic signal will be an entrance to the Aliante Casino. Turn right into the casino and make a U-turn to the left at the perimeter road. Next, turn immediately right into the outside parking lot. We will be meeting in the northwest corner of the casino's outside parking lot. West side participants can meet early and carpool from the top level of the parking garage at Rampart Casino. Information on that location is specified in the above paragraph.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1 - Hike coordinators may not always be at either the early or primary assembly points.  Participants will need to monitor the time and set up carpooling to the next meeting location or pickup point when that occurs.  Although most of these situations are noted in the hike descriptions, others may occur that are not so noted.

IMPORTANT POINT #2 - When reading the descriptions you will see references to both Lake Mead Boulevard and Lake Mead Parkway.  These are different streets.  Lake Mead Boulevard is an east-west street on the north side of Las Vegas that runs completely across the city.  Lake Mead Parkway is on the south side of the city and is an east-west street that starts at the junction of I-515 and I-215 and extends over to the lake.  Please do not mix these up.

Times indicated for each hike are departure times and are strictly observed.  Usually the group will begin arriving as much as one-half hour prior to the scheduled departure times.

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