Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tank Discovery 2024 (North Calico Hills Scramble) - 3/25/24

A tank in the West Hills

Climbing a sandstone Hill

Pretty Tank

Kay at Tadpole Tank
The route for Tank Discovery Scramble 2024 included the West Hills, Calico II Peak and a new sandstone traverse we happened upon on the return portion of the loop. Look back in the archives for Tank Discovery Scrambles over the years beginning in 2012. As a result of these routes, we have discovered many tinajas and named most of the largest ones. Many of them are quite photogenic but, this year I regrettably chose not to take my camera. Silly me! Never fear! Stephen Jones was kind to take photos along the hike and his photos are nice work. We began at the Sandstone Quarry Trailhead off the Red Rock Scenic Loop and hiked out the Grand Loop Trail to the west. Reaching the top of the hill, we continued straight to climb up to the first large tinaja. Next, we made a clockwise circle around the center outcrop finding two more tanks. After descending back the way we came, we went up the Limestone Wash Trail to the arch canyon. After finding the arch, we continued forward and up ... then down and up to the next sandstone peak. There was so much water that we had to name the tank that sits on top of this peak, Tadpole Tank.

Resting on Sandstone Ridge

Tanks & Turtles

The brushy Descent

Circling a large deep Tank
We descended back into the wash below and crossed the Calico Tanks Trail to escape the small stream of water in the middle. At the regular spot, we climbed up to the top of the sandstone hill on the right and explored a few tanks up there. Since there was so much water, we didn't try to climb over to the Long Pool (my favorite) but kept going up to Calico II Peak. We took the Chute down to the area above the main Calico Tank. Here, we took our break with a gorgeous clear view of the Strip in the distance. On our way back, we crossed up to the Tank on the Ledge and along the red ledge. Rejoining the Calico Tanks Trail, we crossed over the CCC steps and found an interesting scramble up, up and up the white sandstone until we ran into the familiar slot on the Red Cap Trail. We took the slot down and about the time we were going to try another exploration, the sky spit at us a little. Change of plans. We made a beeline back to the cars without getting too wet. Fun, fun day! A lot of upper body work without dangerous situations!

Stats: 4 miles; 1350' gain; 4.75 hours

The Long Pool

Tilted sandstone Beehive

Descending the Chute

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