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Mary Jane Falls - 5/22/23

Staring up at Mary Jane Falls' Main Flow

Griffith Peak and Upper Kyle Canyon from Cave

Big Falls from Mary Jane Falls

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Big Falls water running across Trail

Four AtBF club members drove up to the Mary Jane Falls Trailhead for a short hike up to the waterfalls (plural). With the snow melt, the cliff area has four main places where the water is falling and showing a beautiful array of water floes. Take a wide angle camera lens if you have one!

Sun rises on North Ridge above Trail

We reached the parking lot around 7:30am because this trail can get crowded even on a weekday!


Since we are not yet used to the higher altitudes, we took the official trail up to the falls using the switchbacks. As opposed to the old steep road trail.

Snow along last Switchback

There was water running on the trail until a point where it came in from the left side. Big Falls was running strong so we assumed that this is where the water came from. Why isn't it in the big wash over to the left? We found out on the way down.

Approach to Mary Jane Falls

Upon reaching the large waterfall area, we walked around taking photos and marveling at the display.

One of Four Waterfalls

One of Four Waterfalls

Four on the Floor

Chuck walks into the spray of a Waterfall

Mike enjoys a Break at the Cave

Next, we walked over to the cave where there is an amazing view of Upper Kyle Canyon. Griffith Peak could also be seen down canyon with its snow cap.

A View out to Kyle Canyon

Returning to the waterfall area, we met up with other club members and enjoyed a break. We located Big Falls across the canyon and took a few photos.

Zoomed into Big Falls

Pointing out Big Falls from Mary Jane Falls

Passing several other hikers on the way down the switchbacks, we decided to cross over to the large wash on the other side of the canyon. Following a use trail, we found the running water and, surprisingly, it was in the middle of the canyon rather than on the far side where the large wash lay.

South Ridge and Big Falls (Lower Left 1/4)

We looked around and found that there was no running water coming in to make the stream. Oh! The water had run underground from somewhere up in the Big Falls wash and was unceremoniously bubbling up from an unseen hole in the ground beneath our feet. Interesting!

Starting down the Switchbacks

It was a beautiful cool day until the gray clouds started floating in and building up. We hadn't driven far down the canyon when sprinkles anointed our car. Perfect timing! 

Stats: 3.8 miles; 950' gain; 2.5 hours

Big Falls water from Underground

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