Thursday, May 4, 2023

Snow King Summit - 4/30/23

Happy Anniversary, Jerry and Cheryl!! 🙌 (Snow King Summit)

From Snow King Summit (Griffith - L, Mummy Mountain - R)

Climbing up to Ascent Ridge

Winding through Brush
Jerry and Cheryl recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on top of a rarely visited peak near Angel Peak, Snow King. It is always fun to see what these two are up to. In words that were so eloquently spoken by Paul E. one time, " We don't need no stinkin' trail!" In Cheryl's words, "We had attempted Snow King in early January but turned back as there was quite a lot of snow and it would’ve been hard in snowshoes with all the debris to get over. This time there were only a few patches of snow and easy to get around." In the end, it was all off trail with beautiful views. The hike began with a snafu trying to get their Rzr going on Lucky Strike Canyon Road just off SR 95 between Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon Roads.

Increasing Brush

Brush Increases nearing the Final Ascent

Snow King Summit in the Distance

Some Scrambling
Cheryl described the adventure to the trailhead. "For Snow King we had Rzr Guy. He was on the trailer with Big Guy and we parked right off 95 on Lucky Strike Canyon Road (Trail on the map).  We wanted to get him off but when Jerry tried to start him his battery was dead! We tried to jump with our lithium battery but nothing! So we took him back to his storage and took Big Guy all the way to where we started hiking. The road wasn’t too bad but Big Guy took twice as long as Rzr Guy would’ve to where we started Snow King. We got a new battery the next day and new solar panel as it obviously wasn’t working to keep the battery charged. We were surprised as Rzr Guy had just been in for his checkup the week before." For those of you who are not familiar with "Big Guy," that is the Thomas' XTerra, a formidably strong and able guy! ... and quite comfortable!

"Snow King is all off trail. Snow King was also all bushwhacking. Lots of ducking under and around trees, sticks down the back, stepping over dead trees, logs, boulders and rocks," Cheryl reports.

Cheryl follows Suit

Kyle Canyon in View (Griffith Peak)

Wilson Peak peeking out over the La Madre Range

Snow King Summit Cairn
Finally at the summit, Cheryl says the views were fantastic! Angel Peak, Griffith Peak, Mummy Mountain and down through Lucky Strike Canyon and the Twilight Trails. After a nice picnic break, they went back the same way they came as the brush would allow.

Stats: 3 miles; 1460' gain; 3.25 hours

The trailhead is located 10.3 miles on Lucky Strike Canyon Road up from SR 95 passing the power grid station. Bring a sturdy car!

Beautiful place for a Break

Folks, we need to fill up this log! (Bring a notebook with you!)

Passing through snow patches on the Descent

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