Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ice Box Canyon - 4/4/09

Sixteen hikers came together to hike Ice Box Canyon this morning in spite of the cold windy weather. When we arrived at the trailhead on the Red Rock scenic loop, the wind had disappeared and the sun was doing a good job of warming things up. The first mile and a half of the hike is approaching the wash. The last mile consists of bouldering up through the wash created by the water coming off of the mountain in the spring time. Today, however, the water facet had not been turned on yet!

After 2.5 miles, the hikers reached the end of the canyon. The small waterfall at the end was just a trickle so this blogger and two other hikers decided to scramble up to the top of the falls to see how much water was up in the pools above. The pool pictured above had a nice reflection of the sunlit top of the canyon. Down below you can see the rest of the hikers who enjoyed just watching the three of us carefully climbing around above.

The morning hike ended much warmer than it began.

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