Friday, January 8, 2010

Gold Strike Canyon - 1/7/10

This just in! Kay K. got a great shot of the big horn sheep on the cliff!

Our guest photographers for the Gold Strike Canyon are the one and only Alice and Carl. Alice is a long time hiker in the Las Vegas area. You may have seen some of her photos at the Red Rock Visitor Center and on her photo albums that she sends out after a hike. Luci and Carl joined the club last summer and also love to hike and photograph.

They hiked the canyon Thursday along with approximately 15 other hikers all the way down to the river. The hike begins from a dirt road that leads to the right just after the Hacienda Hotel & Casino. The new road hung above.

Along the way there are a few difficult dry waterfalls. Some have ropes which are permanently attached to help hikers negotiate this popular trail. Above you see that Carl is using steps which are carved into the rock from long ago.

The obstacle above is a difficult one as it requires a lot of arm strength to get back up.

Apparently, a couple of the hot springs pools were dry. So the group continued down towards the river.

Two hikers decided to take a dip in the hot springs. I'm not sure why there aren't pictures of them! Also, one hiker took a tumble from a 10 foot wall into a pool. So, I guess that makes 3 people using the hot springs.

One of the last dry waterfalls is the most difficult. Here, you see a hiker using a sturdy rope.

When the group reached the river, there were big horn sheep seen up on the cliff. To the left at the shore, you could see the new Hoover Dam Bridge. Also, word is that Alice took a swim in the cold water. Thank you, Alice and Carl, for bringing the memory of the hike alive.

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