Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sawmill Trail - 6/5/10

The temperature in the Las Vegas alluvial fan (okay, valley) topped off at around 103 degrees in the shade. The temperature on the Sawmill Trail this morning must have been around 80 degrees in the sun. Thirty-four hikers wore mostly shorts this morning for the short 3 mile hike in the foothills of the Spring Mountains. The hike had a net elevation gain of 450 feet which was earned on two separate hills.

The Sawmill Trail begins at the Sawmill Picnic and Horse Trailer parking lots off of Lee Canyon Highway at around 7600 feet in elevation. Today, there were several volunteers working on the trail. We tried to stay out of their way by hiking up to the ridge. Up on the ridge, great views were in three different directions.

Across the Lee Canyon highway, we could see Mummy's Chin still outlined by snow which is shown in the top photo. Down the hill and across Highway 95, we saw a beautiful view of the desert mountains and playas. And, to the west, we could see the Spring Mountain Divide on which the Bonanza Trail travels. The divide is seen in the photo above.

After coming off of the small ridge, we connected with the Blue Tree Campground Road, turned right and hiked almost all the way back to Lee Canyon Hwy. We turned right again and hiked back to the parking lot along the return trail. Staying hydrated, we all survived the heat and live to hike another day.

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