Monday, July 19, 2010

More Travels - 7/19/10

This is another edition of Club Members' Travels. Cory, John B., Cindy and Kay K. have graciously allowed us to post a few of their gorgeous pictures on our website. Some of the photography in this club is outstanding and deserves a venue.


Altitude has some odd effects on some people and Cory is no exception! Here she is showing how happy she was to make it to the top of Mt. Charleston Peak (11,913 ft. plus, oh, about 10 more feet). Now, there's a view!

Mt. Charleston Peak - Two routes lead to the highest peak in southern Nevada. The South Loop Trail starts near Cathedral Rock, climbs up to the junction with the Harris Springs Trail, then turns right across the top of the south ridge, passing a large meadow area and the site of a 1955 plane crash before making a steep climb to the summit. One-way distance is 8.75 miles. The North Loop Trail starts at Highway 158 and is 11 miles long, but it can be shortened to 8.25 miles by using Trail Canyon Trail. Either of these trails can be done as an out-and-back, or the peak can be hiked as a point-to-point hike using Trail Canyon for a total of 17 miles.

John B.

John has been a member of the club for three years but lately has not been able to hike much. Instead, he has been kayaking in an inflatable kayak on the Colorado River putting out at Willow Beach below Hoover Dam. He loves getting out on the calm river very early in the morning with the fishermen and travelling eight to ten miles up river before turning around. This is an all day adventure where he sees wildlife, waterfalls, caves and other beautiful scenery. And, yes, he gets really sore!


Cindy recently visited Cathedral Gorge State Park between Las Vegas and Ely, Nevada. She got there in the late afternoon and was able to get some very nice photos of the evening and sunset inside the park. She said it wasn't terribly hot and, at night, the temperatures got down to around 70 degrees. The small hotel that she stayed in at Caliente was very comfortable and had just been remodeled. She said it was $57 for the night. However, if you prefer, Cathedral Gorge State Park has a nice campground which advertises that it has showers!

Kay K.

Kay has travelled a lot this last month which is why we have been missing her energetic presence on Saturdays lately. Her talent behind the camera is evident in these photos.

The first photo is of the Wahweap Hoodoos in Grand Staircase Escalante located in southern Utah. To the left is a photo of the Shaman Gallery, an exceptional and unique set of pictographs in the northwest section of the Grand Canyon. (She said she didn't have a very hard time finding them with directions in the remote area.) Third is a beautiful picture of Pyramid Lake which is controlled by the native Americans in western Nevada north of Sparks. And, fourth, the piece de resistance! Fly Geyser is found in the Blackrock Desert in northwest Nevada. It is located on private property and special permission is needed to get on the property to see it. Isn't it exquisite?

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your travels.

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Kay B. said...

Kay K. wanted us to know that much research went into her trip to the Shaman Gallery and it wasn't easy to get there even though she was able to find it. Very bad roads and very tough trails come between the adventurer and the pictographs.