Saturday, November 6, 2010

Krafft Mtn / Gateway Cyn Loop (Also, Ice Box Cyn) - 11/06/10

Today, the Around the Bend Friends had two hikes to accomplish. The hike that left at 8am was the Krafft Mountain Loop which takes the hiker through Gateway Canyon, a beautiful sandstone canyon colored with red stripes and polka dots. All of these photos were taken last Tuesday early in the morning as the sun was just reaching the canyon walls. There was only a little water which had collected in small puddles throughout the canyon. And, the hike was around 5 miles. The route taken today may or may not have followed the GPS route shown below.

The other hike the Around the Bend Friends did was Ice Box Canyon which began at 8:30am. This is a 3 mile journey into a cool canyon of the escarpment which dead ends at a tall and beautiful dry waterfall. The blogger does not have the statistics for either of these hikes but if someone would like to comment below, we would like to know how many people attended each of these hikes and what made the hike different from the rest. ...There's always something!

Krafft Mountain Loop route.

Elevation chart for Ice Box Canyon.
Ice Box Canyon route.

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