Friday, September 2, 2016

No Name Loop CW - 9/2/16

Mummy Mountain from No Name Saddle

No Name Trail

South Sister from Bonanza Switchbacks

Starting Up Bristlecone Trail
There's little more comforting than a familiar hike at a moderate pace with friends. Today, twelve hikers did just that on the "back to basics" traditional clockwise route of No Name Loop. We drove up Lee Canyon Road to the end where the ski slopes and heliport are located and started hiking up the Upper Bristlecone Trail. The South and North Sisters oversee the trailhead from one direction and Mummy Mountain watches from across Lee Canyon.

Upper Bristlecone Trail
 At an easy moderate pace, we climbed up the well-worn trail and noted that the aspens had a few yellow leaves on them. It won't be long before fall colors take over the Spring Mountains NRA.

Wild Horses on Bristlecone Trail
 Not far up the trail, we found the wild horses that were AWOL from the meadow below. Four of the large animals were grazing just off the trail to the right as we passed.

Lee Peak from No Name Trail

Hiking the No Name Trail
 At the one mile mark, we turned left onto the No Name Trail. After following this trail through the trees, we began climbing up the trail in a wash. This is a good climb for heart and lungs. We took it slow today. The trail leads up the wash in the middle and on the right and left utilizing a few convenient switchbacks to help hikers up the hill. At the top of the hill, we reached the No Name Saddle. From there, we turned to the right and climbed up to the little peak where we sat for our snack break.

Old Bristlecones on No Name Trail
 After the break, we dropped back down to the No Name Trail and continued on it through the beautiful old bristlecone forest. The trail follows just below a ridge line up to the right.

No Name / Bonanza Junction
 We stopped only for a moment at the No Name / Bonanza Trail junction where the wilderness sign has been placed. A right turn started us down the Bonanza Trail switchbacks.

Descending the Bonanza Switchbacks

Bonanza / Bristlecone Junction
 At the bottom of the switchbacks, we junctioned with the Bristlecone Trail. A left turn takes hikers down to the Lower Bristlecone Trailhead. Our right turn would take us back along the Upper Bristlecone Trail. After a small climb, we dropped down to the No Name Trail junction where we had turned earlier then continued down to the trailhead. Beautiful morning.

6 miles; 1200 feet elevation gain; 3 hours

The Last Hill to Climb

Upper Bristlecone Trail

Aspens starting to Change

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