Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lone Mountain - 5/22/18

Nope! No climb up South Sister today!

Lone Mountain (Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada)

Climbing the East Side of Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain Peak

“Scott, we could build a couple nice homes down there?"
 The "Big Boys" of Tuesday fame did a double climb of good ol' Lone Mountain today. They opted out of the scheduled South Sister ascent due to obvious reasons. But, it appears that they had a bunch of fun anyway!

Crissin' and a Crossin' Lone Mountain 2X -- Great Fun, Guys!!
  Big boys do it twice! Great shots, Lász! I had a staggering 3.6 miles with just over 1400’ gain.
~ Mike O'Connor

Clouds building over the Spring Mountains

Starting down the South Side

The "Trail" down the South Side

Up East / Down South & Around

Up West / Down West & Aroound

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