Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rainbow Gardens - 1/10/09

This morning the Around the Bend Friends met at Lake Mead near mile marker 2 for a hike to Rainbow Gardens. There were 23 hikers in attendance.

The hike begins by following a sandy wash up for about a mile and a half. On the way, we saw a couple of interesting decorations which festive people have donated to the landscape.

After climbing over a small ridge and dropping down into Rainbow Gardens, the trail leads down through a colorful array of rocks on both sides of the canyon and underfoot. There was a sulfur shelf crossing the canyon and green rocks colored by copper.

At the end of the narrow part of the canyon, the group split into two. Ten hikers turned left to take the wash back to the cars. This hike was around 3 miles. The other group of 13 hikers continued down the canyon to turn around at the Lake Las Vegas property line. Their hike would entail around 6 miles.

Lava Butte overlooked the hike from beginning to end. The weather was cool but great with little wind and a lot of sun.

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