Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arizona Hot Springs - 1/29/09

The hike to Arizona Hot Springs descends through a beautiful canyon from Hwy 93 in Arizona to the Colorado River. Although most of the six mile hike is on sand, the canyon and river scenery at the culmination of the hike is worth the trip. You will find the hot springs tucked up in the hills above the river after you climb up a 20-foot ladder. Bring your bathing suit if you want to take a dip.(Or, as you may see, some prefer not to bring the bathing suit!) The photo above has been tilted to provide an abstract of the trail canyon.

The report I received about the Arizona Hot Springs hike said that there were 13 hikers who made a loop out of the normally out-n-back hike. They arrived at the hot springs where there were two couples skinny dipping in the springs. (the highlight of the hike!) They nonchalantly marched through the springs and out the other side of the canyon where they split into two groups. One group returned to the parking lot by hiking over the mountains and the other group returned by climbing up through the canyon which they came down in the first place.

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Kay said...

What did I tell you?!

Okay, so you're sitting there in the hot springs with your birthday suit on, maybe having a little fun with your beau du jour and along comes 15 hikers over 50 years of age. ...Fun.