Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fletcher Canyon (In the Rain) - 5/30/09

"Neither rain, snow, sleet or hail can deter the Around the Bend Friends Hiking Club from accomplishing their mission." The quote is from Chris after a very cold soaking morning in Fletcher Canyon.

-seven hikers started out on a hike to the canyon and the weather seemed like it would hold up for a while. We got about halfway to Obstacle Rock and the rain started with pea-sized hail and a steady sprinkle. When the thunder began rumbling through the surrounding mountains, most of the hikers decided to turn back to the safety and dryness of the cars. Five hikers that had come prepared with rain gear continued on, anxious to see the beautiful slot canyon under different conditions.

A surprised hiker peers out from under his trusty unbrella showing some of the hail that had been falling.

The five of us that continued up to Obstacle Rock were treated to beautiful colors in the limestone walls, shiny rain-soaked rocks strewn about and a small amount of water in the wash. The plant life in the canyon was an emerald green as they basked in the nutrient filled raindrops.

When we made it to Obstacle Rock, we were rewarded with this scene of water coming down the rock trough amid waterlogged canyon walls. The rain let up for a few minutes after we started our hike out. The thunder was still rumbling but we rarely saw any flashes of lightening. It sounded like the thunder was about 4 miles away. The hail started again with an increased fury and we increased our speed. Approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the parking lot, a downpour ensued. The five of us began half running and half race-walking to the finish line. This blogger's hands and fingers were frozen as the gloves hung off the back of her pack. Finally, we reached the cars where we practically threw ourselves inside! Another magnificent hike in the Spring Mountains!

The hike to Obstacle Rock in Fletcher Canyon and back is about 3.8 miles with a minimal 500-600 feet of elevation gain.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys. We just enjoyed the beauty of all these hikes I missed. Glad you are back on-line, and glad we can share our pizza (or maybe hamburger) June 27. Look forward to great pictures to be taken on Walter's Wiggles and Angel's Landing. Really love the picture of Obstacle Rock. Stella and Howard

Poncho said...

Hey John,
this is Oliver. Seems you really do great hikes. Remember we were talking in your store about the german "klettersteig"? You can check out @ wikipedia (
Cheers Oliver

Poncho said... can also check out
which is a description of the "mindelheimer klettersteig" of which I told you.

John Blackwell said...

Oliver, I checked out the pictures and what a view. I would love to do that someday. I had already looked on YouTube and found some great video of people climbing. Good luck and send me some pictures when you can. You can send them to