Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome Back ! - 5/6/09

Welcome back to a refreshed Around the Bend Friends Hiking Club website. We have not deleted any of the original website; however, we have created a new site that begins with the blogs of this year. The website at which you have arrived is the new site. Looks the same, huh? Only the archives are different.

I apologize if we have eliminated your favorite picture or hike from the new site. It is likely that some of these pictures and hikes will reappear at appropriate times. Please continue to make comments. This website now belongs to all the members of the ABF hiking club as monitored by John and Kay. That's something to celebrate!

Please take time over a cup of coffee to review the blogs that have been posted during the last few months while the website was offline. Not all the hikes were covered but many were. Hopefully, you will enjoy walking through some of the hikes again.

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