Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mack's Canyon Road Trail 7/11/09

Mack's Canyon Road is a 4 mile dirt road leading northwest off of Lee Canyon Road just south of the Sawmill Picnic Area. There are several secluded campsites on the road and a few were occupied.

Thirty-five hikers attended the walk out the road this morning. Many of us made it an out and back hike of 4 miles. A few hikers decided to go all the way to the end of the road making it an 8 mile hike! It was just one of those easy mornings that the trail was clear and, as long as a member had a buddy or two nearby, you had your choice of challenge.

The pinyon pine, which grows in the southwestern U.S. and in Mexico, produce edible pinyon nuts widely eaten all over the world. According to Wikipedia, these nuts were a staple of the Native Americans. Their name originates from the Spanish explorers of the 1500s who named the tree "pino pinonero," or "nut-bearing pine." The fragrance of the wood is unmistakable.

Also according to Wikipedia, the juniper berry is actually a seed cone. These cones are used as an Apache and European spice from a handful of juniper species. They are also used to give gin its distinguishing flavor.

The view to the north from Mack's Canyon Road was visible for much of the hike. The clouds overhead were sprinkling rain for much of the time, however, the play of light on the distant desert playas and mountains was a feast for the eyes.

Coin- cidentally, exactly at the two mile mark, there was a campsite off the road which provided two long log seats for the hikers who decided to take their break at this point. Happily, we sat and talked and ate and laughed carefully checking for ants and other critters before staking our claim.

We returned to the cars in the same manner we hiked out ... in our own time. The cool sprinkle of rain was none other than refreshing and welcome. The road was smooth hard dirt with little rock in the tracks to hurt our feet. Besides, there was plenty of time to spend on waiting for those more ambitious hikers who took on the whole length of the road.

The mountains which make up the chin and head of Mummy Mtn. overlooked the parking area off of Lee Canyon Road. At this point, they don't resemble a head at all!

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Great pics and info, going snowshoeing and wanted a great place to hike! thanks jmclean