Thursday, July 9, 2009

No Name Trail - 7/9/09

"Krumholtz" Bristlecone is translated from German roughly as "crooked wood."

Eleven hikers started at the Bristlecone Trail trailhead this beautiful morning. We hiked up the trail until it took a sharp right turn up the hill. At this point, the No Name Trail begins turning off to the left. We headed up a wash which is known to be fierce in the early spring and climbed up to around 9800 feet in elevation. To the left is a photo of the summit we were straining to reach.

This is a pretty tough climb for reason of the high altitude. We had two Thursday newcomers on the hike today and both did a great job at conquering the summit. To the left, we see one of the rookies with veteran hiker Marg. Both were happy to make the ridge but were asked to continue on immediately as we were not ready for our main break.

Many wildflowers were in bloom.

The hike continued leading through an old growth bristlecone forest filled with "krumholtz" bristlecone trees. This section of the hike is the reason we came. The forest is fantastic. (But not quite as fantastic as the forest on the way to Raintree.) Nevertheless, we enjoyed the scenery. Several of us took many pictures.

Arriving at the junction with the Bonanza Trail, we took a break and posed for the camera. The Bonanza Trail leads to Bonanza Peak and, beyond that, to Cold Creek. We opted for the right turn onto the trail which lead us back to the Bristlecone Trail at a point two miles up from its trailhead. Below, the photo shows the nature of the Bonanza Trail as we hiked down to the Bristlecone. From there, we hiked back to the cars on this beautiful trail filled with bristlecones, limestone, and colorful arrays of wildflowers. The hike was a total of six miles.

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