Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ely Excursion - 8/19-22/09

We hope that all had a great time in Ely, Great Basin, and Cave Lake. Please use this forum to tell us how things went. We can't wait to hear!

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Chris reported:

Last week about two dozen of us from Around the Bend Friends went up to Ely for a couple of days hiking in Great Basin and another day at Cave Lake State Park. We were fortunate in having some really great weather conditions for our hikes, as temperatures were moderate to slightly warm and winds were light, including our Thursday trek to the top of Wheeler Peak. This contrasted with an effort that we made two years ago when a group of us got to the step, about 1,000 feet below the summit, and ran into steady winds in the 60 MPH range. That day we were also bundled up in our winter hiking gear as the temperatures were definitely in a range around 40 degrees. Thunderstorms were in the forecast this year, but they didn't happen until Sunday when we were returning to Las Vegas.