Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mt. Charleston Peak & Raintree - 08/27/09

The highest peak in the Las Vegas vicinity is our beloved Mt. Charleston which rises to an elevation of 11,994 feet. The Around the Bend Friends set out very early this morning to conquer it. It's a beautiful day and they should complete the hike in the late afternoon. They planned to ascend on the South Loop Trail and descend on the North Loop via Trail Canyon.

Those hikers that did not have the time to commit to the all day hike mentioned above, chose to hike to Raintree, a popular six mile hike to a very old Bristlecone tree located on the North Loop.

Any hiker who completed either of these hikes is encouraged to leave a comment below telling us about their adventure.

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kay said...

Guy said there were 8 hikers that hiked to Raintree and that the weather was beautiful and it was a very pleasant hike.