Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow at the Grand Canyon - 12/12/09

On a visit to the Grand Canyon last weekend, these pictures were taken. The visibility was low to non-existent during this time but the scenery was still awesome.

The temperatures were ranging from 40's down to the teens and there were several snow squalls. On the morning that we left, a blizzard attacked. But, thanks to the former UPS driver among us, it was not a problem for the 4WD and a loaded car!

It is a unique experience to see the Grand Canyon in snow. There were a lot less people and a lot more parking spaces! The service was excellent and the roads were kept passable. 4WD helped!

Above, you can see that the fog parted just long enough to present Indian Gardens and Plateau Point. One of my favorite experiences was drinking hot chocolate at the Desert View snack bar! Here, the visibility was so bad that we even had a difficult time finding the parking lot where five cars were parked!

This visit to the Grand Canyon will never be forgotten.

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