Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calico / Gateway Loop - Photo Essay - 2/16/10

The south end of Calico Hills arriving from the Red Springs parking lot.

After picking up the Grand Circle Trail, we hiked through the Calico I Scenic Loop stop.

We hiked through Calico II and Sandstone Quarry. We took a break after 4 miles beneath Red Cap on the sandstone with gorgeous views.

Turtlehead Peak loomed above.

We hiked down to Gateway Canyon and started down. This water was flowing into the canyon from a wash to our left.

The gateway of the candy cane sandstone which is prevalent in Gateway Canyon.

The candy cane sandstone is one name for the calico sandstone that decorates so much of the Calico Hills.

More calico sandstone.

This is one blockage within the canyon which we hiked around to the left in the picture.

Due to the heavy rains of late, this pool resides at the foot of another obstacle in the canyon. There is a way to get around this pool to the right in the picture. It is estimated that this pool is between 5 and 6 feet deep.

The hike was 8.18 miles with approximately 1000 feet of elevation gain. The weather was perfect.

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