Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Potato Knoll - 3/30/10

Seventeen people hiked Potato Knoll on Tuesday with Chris on a very windy day. Originally, the hike was supposed to be to Mountain Spring Peak, however, the hike was changed due to the incoming stronger winds in the middle of the day. The Potato Knoll hike is about 5.3 miles with around 500 feet of elevation gain with the climb to the top of the knoll. Kay Komuro gave us these pictures of the hike.

Bandanas were a popular fashion item for this hike. They were used to protect the respiratory system from the dust carried by the desert winds. (They were also useful to play cowboys and bandits.)

The highlight of the hike was the surprise spotting of a small herd of mule deer at the base of the knoll. As soon as they got a whiff of us, they headed up the side of the hill moving as lithely as big horn sheep.

As an aside, one tick was found climbing on the leg of a hiker at the top of the knoll.

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