Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Terrace Canyon - 4/6/10

Two groups of around 10 hikers set off to conquer and enjoy Terrace Canyon on a crystal clear day with tempera- tures in the perfect zone. Leaving from the Pine Creek Trailhead, we began our boulder climbing as soon as we passed Mescalito Peak taking the left fork canyon. Perhaps the most important thing you must remember when hiking to Terrace Canyon is "Left, Left, Left, Right." These are the directions you must take when faced with a canyon fork when climbing through the extreme scrambling of the six mile hike.

Due to recent rains, the lower canyon and Terrace Canyon had a lot of water flowing through. It was an added pleasure and was not too difficult to avoid while making your way up over the boulders. Three hours after beginning the hike, we arrived at Terrace Canyon. The first group of hikers had already reached the top and had their break when the second group arrived.

Slowly, we made our way up through the terraces. We had our cameras clicking as the scene was uniquely amazing. A series of sloping terraces made of dark colored smooth and rippled sandstone climbed up the canyon with water draining down in the middle. There were moss and algae coloring the sandstone green in places. Prickly pear cacti and Banana yucca were strewn about.

We ate our snacks then began the three- mile trek back down to the trailhead enjoying the challenge of the same boulders all over again. Do we go this way or that way? Is this the way we came up? Where is so-n-so? Do you need help here? Just slide down the rock ... that's all! Let's wait for the leader, we don't want to get too far ahead. Oops! Wrong way. Go around this gigantic boulder. Wow, it's really brushy! I am going to be so sore tomorrow! Fantastic hike!

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