Sunday, September 5, 2010

Club Members' Travels

This edition of Club Members' Travels takes us to a forgotten cove at Lake Mead, the state of Montana, Rhyolite Ghost Town in Nevada, and back to Cathedral Gorge. Besides these places for which we have photos, club members have been travelling all over the world. (Your best vacation photos are welcome here club members!)

Kay & John B.

Kay and John set out for a camping trip at Pearce Ferry, the point at which the Colorado River enters Lake Mead ... or did! Finding that the campground no longer was in view of the water and the water was still very much a river, they found a little used cove and campground west of there called Gregg's Hideout. So, 40 miles back and 20 more miles out a nice dirt road, they found themselves setting up camp in the dark on a beautiful inlet of Lake Mead far away from ANYONE.

The next day brought relaxation and exploration. This zebra- tailed lizard was the wackiest lizard this blogger had ever seen! He ran with his tail curled in the air like a scorpion. The book says that this may be for one of two things: 1) He may be saying to his predator, "I see you and you can't catch me!" or, 2) The predator is likely to grab at his tail since it seems to be an easy target and then it will easily break off allowing the lizard to escape.

Warning to anyone that thinks this may be a nice place to "hideout" for a few days: There is much evidence of teenage activity at the cove and they have left nails and broken glass strewn about. Kay and John got a flat tire there and had to cut their trip short. Just beware where you drive!

Kay K.

Kay K. is still travelling and photo- graphing big and small interesting attractions. She has been in Montana finding ghost towns, hot springs, old architecture and, of course, national parks. Above is a photo of Butte, Montana and to the left is Kay having fun at the Garnet Ghost Town.

This next photo is of Bannack Ghost Town. She also visited Coolidge Ghost Town and Comet Ghost Town. Below, we see a photo of Kay enjoying the Fairmont Hot Springs. Other hot springs that Kay has recently visited are Elkhorn, Jackson, Lost Trail, Lolo and Boulder Hot Springs. She has photos of all the places she has visited on her web site.

Also, on Kay's itinerary were a collection of natural water attractions. The photo to the left is of Giant Springs found in Great Falls, Montana. Below is a photo of the actual falls for which Great Falls is named. Huge, huh? She visited a place called Berkeley Pit which seemed to be a former quarry that is now filled with water in Butte. She visited Skalkaho Falls and Holter Dam, too.

Two museums that Kay visited were the Lewis and Clark Center in Great Falls where Kay learned all about two of our most famous explorers and the Daly Mansion Tour in Hamilton. I don't know what she learned at the mansion but the pictures of this place showed that it was owned by someone very affluent. Maybe a rancher or politician type. Then, before heading up to the national parks, Kay enjoyed a stay in Helena which is pictured below.

Above the border with Canada, Kay explored the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. This park also borders with Glacier National Park which is pictured in these last three photos. To the left, we see Kay at Hidden Lake which is a popular hike that begins at the Visitor Center on the summit of the Going to the Sun Road. Below, she got a beautiful photo of the afternoon sun on the lake at Wild Goose Island.

Cindy W.
Cindy has, once again been on the prowl with her camera. She has really out done herself this time! For her first excursion, she went north through Beatty where she captured these adorable burros through her lens.

From there, she went on the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Occas- sionally, someone puts on a colored light perfor- mance within the town and sculptures outside the town. A man named Szukashi created the sculptures located outside the town to depict such things as the man with the bicycle and the Lord's Supper. He got the idea for the Lord's Supper from Da Vinci's painting and decided to use only the robes that the men were wearing in the painting. It presents a rather ghostly and other-worldly site.

More recently, Cindy decided to return to Cathedral Gorge on a camping trip. She arrived there during a time of thunder- storms and was gifted with a gorgeous sky and lighting for photos. The double rainbow seen to the left was a wonderful surprise.

Camping within the gorge with a friend there for company, Cindy again captured the starburst evening sun within the hole in the rock but this time with a striking sky above. These kinds of things are like treasures to the photographer. This blogger's favorite is the photo below that Cindy took of Cathedral Gorge towers in the full moon light with the Big Dipper hanging in the night sky above. Sensational!

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