Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frenchman Mountain - 12/16/10

The Around the Bend Friends hiked the Frenchman Mountain on the east side of the valley today.

For a good description of the Frenchman Mtn. hike, go to the entry made in February of 2013. The archives are listed in the column to the right.


Las Vegas Cockapoo said...

The writer apologizes to all the web surfers who have been to this page for information on Frenchman Mountain. Suffice it to say, the report on this hike was that it was difficult at best with a large amount of exposure which tested the will of the 12 hikers who participated on this hike. Stories about this particular hike will be told for a few years until the clarity of the experience fades! This hike will likely not be repeated by ABF for a few more years. That said, it is still a valid and challenging hike for those who are ready, willing and able.

Glen said...

Had a chance in March 2011, to do 'Frenchman Mtn.'

Well, once I made the attempt on the north side -- strange people standing out in the desert, before daylight (I wanted to get night pics of Vegas,) I ended up going back to the west side. Going up in the dark before dawn that morning. Would have liked going up the road to the summit. But I did get the pictures I wanted, looking out from the west. Not actually at the summit though. Next time in Las Vegas, will do the summit during the day.
Thanks for sharing the information guys...