Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fletcher Peak Approach - 5/31/11

Well, sometimes the best made plans simply can't come about. Our hike to Fletcher Peak, today, was aborted at the Fletcher Peak / North Loop junction. Eighteen hikers were disappointed yet understanding on the hike coordinator's decision to turn around. The harsh strong northwest winds and the increasing amounts of residual snow on the trail made the hike not only difficult but somewhat precariously dangerous.

We hiked just under five miles and climbed around 1600 feet in elevation using the North Loop Trail from Deer Creek Highway. After the last switchback from the meadow, snow covered the trail and sent us scrambling along the ridge above. We came down onto the Raintree portion of the trail and the wind hit us pretty hard. Fletcher Peak just wasn't meant to be hiked by us today. Tuesday's and Thursday's hikes for the 7th and 9th of June are changed because of conditions. Please note the new schedules to be listed on the right of this page.

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