Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wild Horse Ridge - 7/28/12

 Guy and Rosie are long standing members of the AtBF club and we will miss them dearly as their lives move on to California. Cheers to both of you!

                                North Loop Trail scenery.

 A whopping thirty-nine hikers took the trails today as we said good-bye to two of our members who have been with the club for a long time. Guy, who has been the longest member of the club, and Rosie, who has been with us for several years, are on their way to California to be near family. We hope to see them again on future excursions and we wish them the very best in what is to come.

                                Taking a break at the North Loop meadow.

 Our 3.5 mile hike called Wild Horse Ridge began at the North Loop trailhead. Most of the club members were very familiar with this first section of the hike and everyone was able to spread out from trailhead to meadow. We all appreciated climbing the 1000 feet in elevation at our own pace and eventually, we all made it up while others took a wonderfully long break among the meadow's bristlecones and views.

                                Long line of hikers approaching Wild Horse Ridge.

 After the extended break, we gathered again for a group descent on Wild Horse Ridge. Turning right just past the old bristlecone in the corner, our long line of hikers first hiked out the wooded small trail, passing the turn off for Wild Horse Canyon. Finally, at an indistinct junction, we turned downhill toward the beginning of a long thin ridge topped with caliche rock. On the right side of the ridge was Wild Horse Canyon and on the left was Deer Creek Canyon.

                                Hiking Wild Horse Ridge

 Supporting its given name, there was much evidence of wild horses in this area. (Also, at least one elk!) We hiked down the ridge taking in a huge amount of views including the view behind us of Mummy Mountain and the view in front of us of several dry desert lakes, or playas. At the end of the ridge, we dropped off of the rock and hiked down to the dirt road that runs up beside Deer Creek. We turned right, reached the highway and walked the final quarter mile back to the North Loop trailhead. What a beautiful day!

                                Coming down off of Wild Horse Ridge

                                Finishing the hike on the Deer Creek dirt road.

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Jerry Thomas said...

I'll miss Guy and Rosie. I hope they will be happy in CA.