Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gunsight Notch Peak Adventure - 2/17/14

Mother Bighorn Soon to Give Birth

 On Monday of this week, a group of eleven hikers gathered to hike to either Terrace Canyon or Gunsight Notch Peak, whichever they felt was possible when they reached the turnoff to the peak. When they had hiked the scramble almost all the way to Terrace Canyon, six hikers looked at the steep wall to the left and decided it looked doable. Photos of the steep climb going up and coming back down are in this entry.  The guys also posed for a summit photo on top.

Word is that the worst exposure of this hike came in the canyon. (You know that rock that you have to squeeze by about ten feet above the ground on the way to Terrace Canyon?)

Gunsight Notch Peak Summit Photo

 During the hike, they came upon a female bighorn sheep who appeared to be very pregnant. In fact, she was so pregnant that she chose to stay right where she was when the hikers came by. The hikers were careful not to disturb her because she could possibly give birth any minute! Although she kept her eyes on the strange intruders, she seemed to feel safe enough.

Stats for the hike: 8 miles; 2150 feet of elevation gain; 6 hours. This includes a ... ahem ... detour near the beginning of the hike. GPS track is unavailable.

She Decided to Stay Put

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