Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cockscomb Peak - 9/16/14

Fletcher Canyon from Base of Cockscomb Peak

Leaving Trail Canyon Trail to Scramble Up Off Trail

 Twelve hikers of the male persuasion arrived for a short but challenging hike up to Cockscomb Peak this morning. Cockscomb Peak is the highest of two large rock peaks on the ridge that extends into Kyle Canyon from the Mummy Mountain/Trail Canyon/ North Loop area. The hike requires tackling an especially interesting 3rd class scramble up from very steep terrain just below the peak area. The hikers began at the Trail Canyon trailhead.

Arriving on Cockscomb Ridge

Dropping Down on the Other Side of the Ridge

 Steve Anderson wrote a few words:

Hi Kay, I do not have a GPS Track. We had 12 hikers today and we hiked about 1.5 miles up Trail Canyon and made a right hand turn heading straight for the peak. There were lots of loose rocks and one of them found George's leg. Mike got him bandaged up and we continued up. We made the peak after the usual scrambling on the East side of Cockscomb and had a break. On the way down 5 hikers took the trail down and 7 hikers went straight down the hill and met the main trail about a mile from the parking lot at the same time the trail group came along. A wonderful day in the Spring Mtns. ~ Steve

Queuing for the 3rd Class Section

3rd Class Section

Checking out the previously made track, 1.5 miles up Trail Canyon brings the hiker to the switchback that bring you the closest to the climb to the ridge on the right. It is assumed that the 7 hikers who came "straight down the hill" took the route indicated on the last map below. At any rate, Laszlo's photos show that a good time was had by all!

5 miles; 2077' total ascent; 9699' peak summit

Descent Straight Down to Trail Canyon - "This should be fun!"

Yep! It's fun!

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