Tuesday, May 23, 2017

South Loop Conditions and Bird Nest ALERT - 5/23/17

South Loop Conditions Today

Unless you are prepared for hiking in the snow, the South Loop still has large snow patches. They get a little dicey right after the 1st Overlook. Then, at the Wilderness sign, the trail appears covered until the start of the second set of switchbacks. Give it another week. I reached the Wilderness sign (2.4 miles up) but decided not to try to go further.

Kay Blackwell

Lettie, I saw on the schedule David Gray had Griffith Peak set for May 31st. I want to advise him there will be too much snow up there! The Tuesday group attempted yesterday (May 23) and half had to go back due to conditions. After the first overlook it started to get pretty bad. Five hikers were prepared for the snow and went to the peak. The peak had over 6 ft. of snow and was a very dangerous trip.

Tim Borem-

We followed the old trail up and tried to follow the new trail down.  There was a LOT of snow.  If you didn’t have poles and spikes you weren’t going to make it.
Jerry Thomas

Bird Nest ALERT

There is a small bird nesting on the side of the trail at the top of the first section of steps located just after the Rainbow Loop turnoff and before the bottom of the first set of switchbacks. She is in a small shallow hole and flew out as I went up and went down. After inspection, I saw three little blue eggs. The nest is in a very dangerous spot right next to the trail and it will be a miracle if the eggs develop and grow to be fledglings. Just watch your step and stay on the uphill side of the trail on the steps. The nest is in the downhill side embankment about one foot up from the floor of the trail. Godspeed, little bird.

South Loop 5/23/17

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