Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cowboy Horse Trails - 12/5/17

Rainbow Peak from Red Rock Wash

Passing the Horse Corral

Climbing Horse Trail Peak

A Great Day to be Out
 The Cowboy Horse Ride wranglers at Red Rock Canyon NCA have their usual routes with the horses and, today, three hikers set out to do one of them. It was an easy 3 mile route that climbs up and over a small peak near the lower horse corral. Then the route circles around through the gravel wash and sandy trail. Finally, it climbs up through a small canyon that lays below the Muffin hills and heads into Skull Canyon. The return trail leads past the upper horse stables. The wind stopped right before we started hiking. It was a cold morning but once we started hiking in the warm sun, it was an absolutely beautiful day! Ya shoulda been there!

3 miles; 400 feet elevation gain; 1.5 hours

Starting Up the Small Canyon

Calico Hills from Small Canyon

Red Rock Escarpment from Return Trail

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