Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gold Strike Canyon - 2/22/18

Approaching Colorado River in Gold Strike Canyon (Archive)

The Hoover Dam Bridge from Gold Strike Canyon (Archive)

Near the Mouth of the Canyon (Archive)

Route to Heated Cove
 Seven hikers agreed that today's move from North Peak (Sandstone) in Red Rock Canyon NCA to Gold Strike Canyon in Lake Mead NRA was "inspired." It was a very cold morning in the canyon so we can only imagine what the temperatures were like at Willow Springs. Even the wind tried hard to deter the canyon hikers as they made record time in their descent. Coming back up was made much warmer as the wind lessened and the sun reached the canyon floor. (Not to mention the hard work using the five ropes on the climb.) News is that the ropes are in good condition at this time.

One of the Hot Springs Pools
 The canyon has changed in the last year. Some waterfalls are dry and others are flowing stronger. At this time, there are four man-made pools of hot springs water: Hidden Pool, Cave of Wonders, Grotto Pool, and Mud-Bottomed Pool.

Janet having fun Climbing Rope
 The hikers, today, tried not to get wet! When they reached the river, it was too cold in the open to take their break so they retreated to the side of one of the steamy pools to rest.

Anne Balancing the Stepping Stones

There is more water now than in this archive photo.
 Steve Allen took most of the photos in this entry. Thanks. The other photos are from Kay's 2014 archives. With the exception of the photo to the left, the archive photos reflect today's scenery. The waterfall to the left apparently has much more water flowing over it now. Even with the cold weather, everyone enjoyed the hike. It is a great strenuous canyon hike!

5 miles; 900 feet elevation gain; 3 hours

Like a Pro - Do you have somewhere to be, George?

Three Part Crescent Climb

Nearing the Top of the Canyon

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