Wednesday, April 11, 2018

House on Fire Ruins (Bears Ears National Monument) - 4/7/18

House on Fire Ruins

House on Fire Ruins Site

South Mule Canyon Trailhead

Hiking up South Mule Canyon
Another of the more famous ruins in Bears Ears NM is much more accessible than the Moon House Ruins. Texas Flat Road turns north from Highway 95 on the west side of Comb Ridge. Then, about 0.80 miles in, there is trailhead parking where the dirt road crosses a canyon below. The trail to House on Fire Ruins goes northwest from here and you can see a trail board in the wash. The hike up the canyon wash is easy to moderate and only just over a mile up to the ruins that are found on the north side of the wash on a canyon curve to the right.

Nearing the House on Fire Ruins
 We were happy to be stretching our legs since we were heading home to Las Vegas after the short hike.

Approach to Ruins

Climbing up to Ruins
 The best time of day to photograph the ruins is late morning. We knew that but we didn't have the time to wait until then. So, we took our photos on an overcast morning and got what we got. (Photoshop did the rest!) By the time we left the ruins site, there were several other hikers there and we passed several more on our way out. This hike wrapped up a very enjoyable and adventurous week in Bears Ears. We will not soon forget our hikes and discoveries. I hope to return soon to see more. Thanks again to Keith and Beth for the endless arrangements and preparations that you made so well.

2.25 miles; 120 feet elevation gain; 1 hour

Ruins Site

Ruins Site

Return through South Mule Canyon

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