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Stanley B Mine & Springs - 6/30/18

Behind the Gate of Stanley B Mine

View across Kyle Canyon from Stanley B Canyon

Wash Scramble

Hiking the Wash
 Although research has failed on the old mine in Kyle Canyon, rumors say that the Stanley B produced a small amount of lead. Like I said, it's just a rumor. Anyway, eighteen hikers came for a short climb up to the mine entrance and to see the two springs flowing out from the area; one from a pipe and one from the mine entrance itself. The trailhead is located at a large turnout on the right side of Kyle Canyon Road (driving up canyon) just after passing the community of Rainbow on the left. There is a wash that flows into the turnout and this is where the trail begins.

Climbing to the Springs
 It is a beautiful wash that is easily scrambled with a trail showing the way. We climbed up enjoying the limestone and conglomerate rocks.

Rough Angelica, Pipe Spring and Columbines
 There are two ways to leave the wash. A trail turns to the left and goes up to the old mine road. Or, you can just continue up the wash until you junction with the same road.

Inspecting the Air Vent of the Mine

Part of an Old Flume
 We continued up the wash and turned right on the road/trail. Then, at the top of the small hill, there is a small trail that turns to the left. This is a shortcut up to meet the road again. We continued climbing when we reached the road and came to a clearing in the shade. The trail forks. We explored the left fork and saw the pipe spring and an air vent of the mine then returned to the shady clearing. Next, some of the hikers climbed up the right fork to the mine entrance area. This small scramble had water flowing down the trail. Care must be taken to not fall on the slippery rocks.

Mine Entrance
 At the mine entrance, we took our break and peered into the gated mine. Bats likely live inside the cave.

View down Scramble up to Mine
 Two of today's hikers, Jerry & Cheryl, left the group after the break to continue climbing up the canyon to the saddle where a route leads down through Fletcher Canyon.

Hiking down the Old Mine Road

The Old Mine Road
 The remaining hikers gathered again at the shady clearing below then began the descent using the old mine road all the way down to Kyle Canyon Road. At the pavement, we turned to the left and walked down the road to the trailhead and the cars. Again, care must be taken to "hug" the side of the road since some passing cars do not obey the 35 mph speed limit. It was a wonderful shady hike that everyone enjoyed.

2.5 miles; 900 feet elevation gain; 2 hours

View to South Loop Ridge

View of Echo Cliffs from Old Mine Road

Passing Gate to Kyle Canyon Road

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