Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hollow Rock View Loop - 5/9/19

Las Vegas View from Hollow Rock Ridge

Peak View from Stopping Point

Checking out the Overlook
Whew! Cold rain for the first half of the hike! But, nine hikers toughed it out without complaint. From the Mountain Springs Pass Trailhead, we took the Forest Service Road east and junctioned with the old abandoned dirt road that switchbacks up to the ridge next to the large sandstone wash. The road turns into a trail at the top then there are several use trails that continue to the ridge. We junctioned with the ridge at the campfire ring where the Hollow Rock Peak Trail begins on the beautiful pink, purple and yellow sandstone of the bench. Here, it was a pretty large consensus among the hikers to make this the turnaround spot. Being out on wet sandstone with even a small threat of lightening is never a good idea. And, that's what we would have to do to get to the rocky peak. So, we took a short break and began returning the way we had come. The rain had stopped but the skies were still keeping a few secrets. On the way down the abandoned road, at the apex of the switchback, we noticed a beautiful new trail across the arroyo in front of us. Where did that come from? Everyone was game so we made our way down to the trail and just followed it! The well-made trail led us zigzagging down to the forest road. The forest road junction was about 1/2 mile from the trailhead. What a great find! Thanks to whoever worked so hard to make the trail! It is a much improved route between the trailhead and the abandoned road switchback. It never rained again but we returned happy to have found a new trail.

4 miles; 900 feet elevation gain; 2.25 hours; average moving speed 1.8 mph

Exploring a New Trail

Kay on the Overlook


Kay Blackwell said...

Thanks for the great write-up and photos of our fun excursion, glad you could edit the date stamp out of mine! John W.

Kay Blackwell said...

No, thank YOU for the pics! K