Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hollow Rock Peak - 9/22/09

Although this was not an official hike of the Around the Bend Friends Hiking Club, there were many club members attending this hike today to Hollow Rock Peak. Twenty-one hikers were very excited to be back to their first hike of the season at the Red Rock Canyon area. The early morning began very cool and stayed cool throughout the four hour hike. There was some wind during the middle of the hike.

The trailhead was located off of Hwy 160 at the top of the pass to Pahrump. We began the hike going up around 800 feet within the first mile and a quarter. At this point, the trail began ascending and descending a few times. Each time we lost elevation, we would gain it back with another steep climb. The total amount of feet climbed during the complete hike of 5 miles (out and back) was 1941 feet.

About 2/3 through the hike, the ground under our feet changed from limestone to sandstone. In the picture above, you can see the line of change being carried through on around the Escarpment which we were standing above. Word has it that the limestone is creeping ever so slowly into Las Vegas from the Death Valley region. But, don't worry! It has taken it thousands, maybe millions, of years to get this far!

After reaching the sandstone portion of the hike, there was a steep descent into a small crevice or wash followed by a steep climb up to the final destination. The footing was loose but everyone made it through without problems.

The views from Hollow Rock Peak included the Las Vegas Strip in the distance, Grapevine Spring Canyon below and Mt. Potosi pictured at the top of this entry.

The peak is topped off by a large boulder. A few hikers attempted to scale the beast, however, it wasn't to be done today. We sat here taking in the view and chattering about everything and nothing while just enjoying being in the desert once again.

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Jeff said...

Nice Photo's...but did you miss that Michael and myself did climb the boulder?

It was great hiking with you guys, it was the highlight of my Vegas trip. Thanks again for all your hospitality.