Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mormon Girl's Camp - 9/12/09

Camp Stimson is owned by the LDS church and is occupied by young ladies throughout the summer. Generally, the Around the Bend Friends hike the small trail associated with the camp after Labor Day when the camp has seen its last camper for the year. So, today, thirty hikers arrived at the starting point and, eventually intruded upon a large group of boy scouts who were using the camp for the weekend. They were very hospitable and allowed us to hike through as their meeting continued.

The camp has many interesting apparatus, not all of which we felt comfortable using. The first challenge was the rope climb. Some hikers used the rope and others didn't feel the need. The hill was steep but negotiable either way. One option to the rope climb was a 15 foot dry waterfall which two of our hikers conquered.

Other points of interest included the climbing wall and an amphitheater made of logs complete with spotlights hanging from a rigged wire!

The aspens continue to change colors and we hiked right through a beautiful stand of them beside a small running stream which we crossed a few times. The trail was short and, since this was our Saturday hike, we chose not to go exploring to extend the hike's length.

The hike ended up being only two miles with a few hundred feet of elevation gain. Above us, there was a small rain cloud which doused us with a few drops of rain. We came. We hiked. We left. Interesting place, but unless you know the area really well, the hike doesn't go far.

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