Friday, October 9, 2009

Window-in-the-Cliff - 10/8/09

On Thursday, the Around the Bend Friends hiked up to the Window-in-the-Cliff as seen in the photo above. This hike involves 4 miles of "UP" (including 55 switchbacks), 1/2 mile of serious scrambling over sharp limestone to the 30 foot wide arch, and return for a total of 9 miles and 2400 feet of elevation gain. The trailhead is at Cold Creek and requires a tough high clearance vehicle to get to. The hiker approaches the arch from the opposite side of the view above and provides a nice view of Pahrump and California beyond. Looking out from the side that is shown above the hiker sees all of Nevada. (Well, almost all of Nevada!)

There have been no reports on the hike, however, it was probably very cold and extremely satisfying to have accomplished!

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Marg said...

Great Hike - Weather was just great. Could not have had any better conditions. I think we had 17 hikers, 16 fast one on this hike. Good time for all Marg