Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Creek - 10/31/09

So, it's Halloween and 25 hikers came out to hike the First Creek Trail. Boo! The First Creek Trail is a short easy trail that ends at the foot of the escarpment for rookie hikers and only begins at the escarpment for the more advanced. At that point, the trail, per se, disappears and it is replaced by boulder scrambling into the canyon beyond. Today, we stopped at the boulders which resulted in a 3 mile, out-and-back hike in the desert with very little elevation gain.

Near the turn around point of the hike, we dropped down into the wash to see in what state the grotto was. Many times, there is a small waterfall into a relatively large pool of water where animals go to belly up to the bar. However, at this time of year, the waterfall is dry and the pool exists with a foul smell and a ghoulish black color. Looking at the pool, we felt like the creature from the black lagoon was going to appear from its depths any minute. However, when we climbed above the pool, a beautiful picture of reflection appeared as seen below.

It's the creature!!! I thought he had flippers and a head fin! No! No!

It was a beautiful morning with a surprisingly high temperature in the sun.

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