Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sawmill Trail - 10/17/09

Today's hike around the Sawmill Trail was very pleasant with 31 hikers and ideal weather ... maybe even a bit warm.

The Sawmill Trail starts in the Sawmill Picnic Area which is 12 miles up from Hwy 95 on Lee Canyon Rd. It leads through a light density of pine growth and up to the top of a hill which overlooks the area. Mummy's Chin Mtn. is seen in one direction (as seen in the first picture) and the desert playas (seen below) in another.

Still to another side, we saw the range of peaks which represent the Spring Mtn. Divide. Among these peaks are Bonanza Peak and Wheeler Peak; and Mack Peak stood out in front. Wheeler Pass was also in view which is the small dip in the range that the road from Cold Creek to Pahrump passes through when conditions warrant.

We relaxed on the hilltop with a good view of the desert for our break then Ann led us down a road to the parking lot which completed the three and a half mile loop. At the end of the trail, there is a "STOP" sign. So, we stopped. Below, you can see we took a picture to prove it!

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