Thursday, May 6, 2010

Escarpment Base Trail - 5/6/10

Fourteen hikers reveled in the spring that has sprung at Red Rock Canyon today. Hiking the Escarpment Base Trail, we began hiking on the Arnight Trail located at the Oak Creek parking area. After passing the entrance to Juniper Canyon, we dropped down to the Pine Creek Trail where the old Wilson house foundation still stands. We hiked up the Pine Creek Trail a short way then turned left onto Dale's Trail which took us up to the Ice Box Canyon Trail. We crossed at the junction and our trail became the SMYC Trail which lead us to the Lost Creek parking area where we had stationed cars to take us back to Oak Creek along the Scenic Loop.

All along the 5.2 mile hike, we saw many colors and different types of flowers. To name a few: beaver-tail cactus, hedgehog cactus, banana yucca, mohave yucca, cliffrose, desert star, mariposa lillies, mormon tea, creosote, desert marigolds, globemallow, red bud trees, LPFs, LYFs, BYFs, ... heck, there were a lot of them! Anyway, the desert is blooming and it's beautiful!

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