Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joe May Canyon - 5/20/10

Our guest reporters for the Joe May Canyon hike are Carl and Luci Widman. Their report is as follows:

We headed to the Sheep Mts. today and took the Joe May road that was a very dusty, bumpy ride for all 25 hikers up for the challenge. Not sure what this place was called and I don't think we'll do it again. We walked along a wash for the most part and came across a lean-to that housed a tank for water collection. This creates a watering hole for the wildlife, although is was dry at this time. At this point we lost 4 hikers who had had enough and returned to the cars.

One thing we did see that was quite captivating were the flowering cactus - looked like prickly pear with beautiful pink or magenta blooms and lots of buds. There were quite a few little daisy like blooms all over and along our hike. Including a picture too of a rattlesnake that we tripped over. Carl woke him up and I made him mad - and then cautioned Candice before he would be able to strike. John (big John) approached him for a good shot while Carl used his zoom for the same results.

After walking at a gradual incline for about 2+ miles the group actually aborted the hike. It was somewhat boring, very hot - about 90 - and dusty. After returning to the cars we had our snack and everyone was glad we put this hike behind us.

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