Saturday, May 22, 2010

Telephone Canyon - 5/22/10

There were 35 hikers who arrived to hike the Telephone Canyon Trail today. This trail begins at the Robber's Roost parking area on Highway 156 (Deer Creek Hwy) and descends back down to Highway 158 (Kyle Canyon Hwy). Cars had to be spotted to shuttle hikers back to the parking area at the end of the hike. The air was fresh and cool. In the beginning of the hike, the temperature was in the low 40's. The air warmed up by the end when the predicted stiff breeze had only just begun.

The hike starts down a steep path, leads past an old cabin then heads into a large pine grove. It stays in the pine trees for most of the hike then comes into more low-growing foliage near the end. The last part of the hike is on the old work road which must have been made when the telephone line which runs up the canyon was put in to service the summer homes being built above the Deer Creek picnic area. The dirt road might also have served as THE ROAD before a small paved road was put in. Of course, now, the road being used is a two-lane highway.

After confirming with the online topo map, it has been concluded that this hike is 3.7 miles with an elevation loss of 1400 feet. However, with the "oops" trail included, we will call it 4 miles!

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