Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Club Members' Travels

Another edition of Club Members' Travels brings us to Zion National Park, smaller parks in Utah and Wyoming, and a huge bicycle race in Iowa.

Kay and John B.

First, Kay and John spent a very relaxing week at Zion. While only hiking a small portion of the Left Fork Subway trail, as seen to the left, the two campers just sat back and enjoyed the beautiful park. The white squirrel in the photo above lived nearby and the photos below were taken in the evening on the Pa'rus Trail. Muggy monsoons were nearby every day but it didn't dampen the pleasure of a well- engineered campsite. A note to future campers: the South Campground is not inundated with aggressive squirrels. Even though it is a first come, first serve campground, if you get there in the morning, especially early in the week, there will be many campsites to choose from. It is also a bit cooler than the Watchman Campground. Kay and John had Site #62 on the Pa'rus Trail and near to the Visitor Center.

Kay K.

Although this blogger has not been in contact with Kay K., she noticed that Kay K. has been able to update her website with these and many other photos. She has worked her way up through Utah visiting many petroglyph sites and interesting little known parks. She appears to be having a wonderful time and we wish her a continued safe journey.

Included in her travels are the Rochester Panel, UT (photo 1); Fantasy Canyon, UT (photo2); Nine Mile Canyon, UT (photo 3); Flaming Gorge, WY (photo 4). Other places she has visited are the Fremont Indian State Park (UT), Fossil Butte (WY), and Dry Fork RA (UT).

Mike O'C.

Unless you hike during the week, you may not know Mike O'C., our resident hiker/ bicyclist. Recently, he joined in on a well- attended bicycle race in his old stomping grounds of the great state of Iowa. The race is called RAGBRAI and this was RAGBRAI 2010. Above, Mike teases us with a gorgeous sunrise on an Iowa farm.

The scenery on the race must have been breath- taking as the riders were on the road from sunrise to sunset crossing the state. At the end of July, Mike says the temperatures were in the 90's.

As he passed through, Mike was able to visit some friends in Cherokee, Iowa where they have a mink farm. From Sioux City on the Missouri River to Dubuque, hundreds of bicyclists rode by day and camped by night with a lot of good clean partying in between.

Thanks, Mike, for letting us enjoy the fun vicariously through you. Mike adds, "Good folks, those Hawkeyes. Gotta love 'em."

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Mike said...

Kay: Nice job on the RAGBRAI blog. Gracias.

The New York Times just did a 4½-minute video documentary on this year's ride. Thought you might enjoy it.