Sunday, August 22, 2010

Club Members' Travels

Kay K. has travelled so much in the last couple of weeks and posted so many pictures on her website that we needed to dedicate a blog entry just for her! Although her path of travel is unsure to us, she has certainly hit many hot springs and petroglyph sites.

In these first pictures, Kay makes us envious as she frolicks in various hot springs of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The top photo is from Fillmore Hot Springs in Montana. The second photo is from Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. And, this third photo is from Granite Creek Hot Springs in Wyoming.

This fourth photo is from Sulphur Hot Springs in Montana. It appears to be more wild and natural. The fifth photo is White Sulphur Hot Springs in Montana where it looks more commercialized. (These were not all the hot springs Kay visited!)

The next large photo is from Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Doesn't Kay just look like she hasn't a care in the world?

The following photo is from Pictograph Cave State Park in Montana. It was actually taken of an informational sign at the site. The cave pictographs, themselves, are very faded by now but the sign shows what the pictographs originally looked like.

The photo above is of the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp used during World War II for Japanese immigrants. This was a sad place for Kay, however, celebrating Kay's presence in the United States, we are happy that history has been corrected.

The next photo was taken in Nevada City, Montana. Wow! We're talking cowboy times! She also visited Virginia City, Montana (seen in the photo to the left) where times were quite different. Can you imagine what went on here in the upstairs of this building? Yeah, times were different. Love them or hate them.

Kay must have travelled through Idaho Falls, Idaho (photo of the falls above) to get to the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. It is most unusual to see a bull moose lounging in the river of the Grand Tetons so she was in the right place at the right time. He seems to be saying, "Don't come any closer!" The grandeur of the Tetons never disappoint.

From there, Kay travelled up through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. These images are familiar to those who have visited the grand old park, our very first national park. From Old Faithful geyser (seen in the last photo) to Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone's Grand Canyon, the scenery in this expansive corner of Wyoming never ends. There seems to be more natural wonders concentrated in this many square miles than any where else in the United States.

A trip to Yellowstone isn't complete without the bison experience. These massive creatures must get a thrill out of stopping traffic on the narrow two lane roads that wind through the park. They are always there and, yes, they get the right of way! Safe journey, Kay.

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