Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Mountain - Henderson - 2/17/11

There were eighteen hikers on this morning's hike up, up ... and up Black Mountain located in Henderson, Nevada. The morning was quite chilly in the southeast Las Vegas area with strong and arctic wind gusts. The hike coordinator (who was wearing shorts) bolted up the mountain at a fever pitch. (... probably hoping to warm up quickly!)

The group became spread out leaving a few of us behind but all eighteen, minus one who stopped on the ridge about 1/3 of a mile below the peak, made it to the top. At the top, magically, the wind was mild and the sun was warm. The book was signed and photos with the flag were taken. The panorama was crystal clear after yesterday's and last night's wind storms. And, the snack break was prolonged with immense enjoyment.

Going down Black Mountain is as big an ordeal as going up. The peak area which included around 500 feet in elevation is very steep and slippery. It becomes a scramble with use of two feet, two legs, two hands and sometimes two butt cheeks (... okay, the gluteus maximus). At any rate, a good workout was had by all down south in Henderson.

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