Sunday, February 27, 2011

River Mountain Trail (5 mile partial) - 2/27/11

It was a morning of signs on the paved walkway of Boulder City's River Mountain Trail. We began at the trailhead which is located just north of St. Jude Ranch and ended at the Railroad Pass Casino on Highway 93. This is only 5 miles of the 34 miles allocated for the trail which runs around the River Mountains on the outskirts of Boulder City, Henderson and Las Vegas.

Six members of the Around the Bend Friends casually did the five miles pointing out the signs along the way. We avoided bicyclists and joggers. We enjoyed the recently snow- capped mountain peaks in the distance. And, we talked pleasantly about anything and everything. We passed the Bootleg Canyon trailhead where the zip line ends and mountain bikers hop over hills. We passed the high point of our hike. And, we saw an old mine across the highway that few of us had ever noticed.

About two- thirds of the way into the hike, the sight- seeing Boulder City Railroad train made its way past us. It stopped at the Railroad Pass Casino then began its journey back into Boulder City backwards, caboose first.

We crossed the railroad tracks then began our last stretch of the hike passing an elite golf club situated on the hill above us to the right. A bridge crossed an arroyo below and we stopped to admire the landscaping of the golf club. A mountain waterfall slides down the mountain behind the clubhouse.

At the end of our Sunday stroll, 5 out of the 6 of us decided to take in the champagne brunch buffet at the Railroad Pass Casino. Mr. Grumpy Tiny made all of us a delicious omelette and we chatted until we were full. We all agreed that we should do this again ... do an easy to moderate hike on Sunday morning ending with a brunch buffet somewhere. Oops! Sounds like the buffet boys!

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